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June 26, 2017

2 days and 2 hours ago Venus is trine Pluto Rx, and it still is transiting . This can be very help with career, business or those of you in social media or media because this energy brings growth, a turn of events with money. For some of you this can be a fun energy time, or this can be new love coming into the picture. Mars square jupiter, watch your emotional self today, we still have a stellium going on so we can be a bit sensitive with what other say. Or we tend to speak our mind more but it maybe to little to late. For others of you this taking on more than you can do and you could feel overwhelm. You might give up on projects you started because you did to much. For others of you, this can be promises being made to you. Your getting super excited about them , only to get disappointed later on. This is probably you spoke about too much so you put the evil eye on , or you gone and put negative energy like doubt, worry . This is as above so below , try to be in place of peace or not think about it anymore and allow it to come in. Or take it as things to come. Mars trine neptune so this is your emotional self, and how your emotional self is attracting to you situations whether you want them or not . So thoughts become things try to keep the peace with this energy. For others of you trust your intuition today. You can be at the right place at the right time with this energy. I feel this is a very good time for some people in the entertainment industry or social media . Also for those of you in sales, or marketing. For others of you, you can be very giving with this energy 


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