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June 29, 2017

You need to watch your emotional self you can be snappy or easily upset with this energy. Because you want things or people to be or act in particular in way. For others of you, you can be forgetful with this energy or even accident prone because your not paying attention to what you are doing.For some of you, you may not be open mind to new ways of doing things or trusting in certain things

You have a difficult time putting your ideas to reality. For some of you this can be a frustrating to start new things. You could feel a bit overwhelmed or scattered brain because of certain situations. For some of you this is thought of starting over in certain areas of your life , or revisiting certain projects at this time. For some of you this is a great time for talks and thoughts of future , future are coming to mind today

You need to be more present , you can be a bit forgetful or losing things today. For some of you , you need to becareful of your actions , you tend to be more about your freedom. For some of you this can be leaving a relationship or quitting your job. Because you could feel that you can’t grow, or your restricted in what you can do . For some of you, you initiate certain changes at work, or you bring a different way of doing things.

For some of you , you are making changes based on your emotional self. There can be changes that are out of your control or that can cause wrenches with in your day, which is going to make you feel of wack, because your not in control of the situation. And it may feel that others don’t know what they are doing with this energy. For others of you, you cant get over certain things that have been done too you, and you have a difficult time moving forward with certain relationships

You need to watch your emotional self. You feel things very intensely today and you can be very intense when it comes to situations going on in your life that are out of your control. You could be receiving some unexpected news that can make you feel edgy and the occasional out burst when you think about it . For some of you certain changes that are going in your life are affecting your sense of security today

change is happening today, for some of you this can be on emotional level and for others of this can be with relationships, or with court so try to be on the right side of the law today. You can be more about your needs today, and this can cause problems with certain relationships. So try to be empathetic and put yourself in other people ‘s shoes. You tend to be more about your agenda and your needs and this way of thinking is going get you in trouble

Watch your emotional self, for some of you, you might not be getting along with certain family members or the men in your life. You are ask to step out of your comfort zone and your not willing to do that. For some of you this can be change happening in regards to property matters, roommate, or this can be other sucking you into their drama. And you making their problems your problems. Also this can be changes going on with career, or around that have you worried so try to keep the energy positive

You have a my way or it’s the highway kind of attitude, you tend to do things more your way instead of adhering to the rules, or how things normal go. People might consider you to be difficult with this energy, because your going to do what you want to do. You don’t commit yourself to anything new unless if it’s your idea. For some of you, by doing something new and breaking certain ways of doing things can help you with your career path

Stay out of the gossip and try not to get yourself involve in other people’s drama. Who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them leave your life. For some of you when you create balance in your life , it can help your business because you take the focus off your money. For some of you this can be revisiting old projects or revamping your website. You need to watch your emotional self. Because certain or people in your life can exaggerate certain things. OR put you in a state of crisis where there is none

For some of you, your personal life becomes the focus, and you may need to make changes in that area of your life, or you can be thinking about it at this time. For some of family or close friends can become the focus. For some of you watch your emotional self. Some of you , may not like surprise with this energy, and can’t handle surprise with this energy. Watch your reactive self with this energy
You need to watch your emotional self. Things don’t always run smoothly and you have to go more with the flow . You can be edgy at this time or moody because there is a stellium in Taurus at this time. So you can take like a bit more seriously than everyone. You are more focus on work and not at all about play or taking jokes. Now that you know try to loosen up with this energy, and relax more .For some of you this is a good time for business, and receiving good news at this time . For others of you this can be a busy time with career, or even working over time

Not the best energy for you emotionally, you can be moody with this energy. This can be a good time for business with this energy. For some of you this is over coming certain obstacles, or situations now tend to resolve themselves. For others of you this is a great time to give advice, or help others with this energy. For some of you, you could be more spiritually aware of cause and effect. For some of you, you could be more about beautifying your surroundings. Or delving into your art with this energy or being more about the law of attraction


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