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July 4, 2017

Beautiful energy day for you change is happening in your favor , try to go more with the flow today. For some of you this can be new love coming in and this one can be the serious relationship. You can be making plans to travel. For others of you , you are receiving recognition at work, or this is a time of growth with business .

This can be unexpected situations turning more into your favor. You could be receiving good news today. For some of you this can be sparks of miracles or your lucky day today. For some of you stepping out of your comfort zone and you are open to new ideas, new ways of thinking. For some of you this is learning something new .

Watch your emotional self today, you do have changes going on and this can effect your emotional life with this energy. For some of you this can be positive changes happening in your life. For some of your not done rehashing recent issues and they keep coming up or you keep bringing them up. For others of you, you prefer to stick with what is working than changing at this time

Not the easiest energy with the friends, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them go. You can be questioning certain relationships, because they aren’t showing like they have your back. This can be for some of you, you are in a good head space, or in a good place in your life. You have no time to hear about other people’s problem. But how many times have they heard your tears. Try to give them your time today

You can be extreme in your actions today, because your not getting your way with a situation, or you could be putting your foot down. For others of you , this is having power struggles with those in authority. But you are determine to get your way so go above other people’s heads today.You can make some bad decisions today based on your emotional self. So careful with that conversation in your head , and get a second opinion

You can be getting a reality check with love relationships or this can be with certain alliances you thought you had. For some of you this can be truth revealed, so what ever you are looking for today. Careful with what you wish for. For some of you, your view point are very unpopular today, and not everyone is going to agree wtih your way of doing things.

You need to watch your emotional life, there is a restlessness going on . This can be impatience with what you want or your over analyzing a situation going on in your life. For some of you this is changes happening around you , and it has nothing to do with you but your making it about you. Be Careful with that attitude, because than it will be about you. For others of you this is working on your emotional life and making some discoveries about yourself.

For some of you, you can be frustrated by obstacles today, but visualize the result;visualize the end ; the result today. For some of you, people at work can be still on vacation mode, or some people can be out of town. So you may have to wait for the things that you to get done today. For some of you this is a great time to persevere with career. You can be receiving recognition, or you can be given more responsibility with this energy

This would be a great day to clean and get organize , it will put you in a good head space like your accomplishing something or getting your life organize in some way. You need to learn to detach and let go of past experience. You are looking back today because you need your feelings validated but that person is not going to validate your feelings. So you have to forgive for your peace and let go

You can be avoiding certain realities at this time.Or you can be more about your play with this energy, so careful with your spending with this energy. Flattery or an apology will get others back into your good graces today. You can expect second chances happening with this energy. Or you taking care of someone today, because they petted your ego . It can be difficult to be consistent with your threats

You can be hard on yourself today, so careful with this energy, you are seeking perfectionism, or even a compliment, and you may not get those today. This is a time of self realization or working on the emotional self. Circumstances in your life can make you look at certain things you’ve been in denial about or you are avoiding.

You can be more about your play with this energy, you can be a bit self indulgent so self discpline is needed with this energy. For some of you this can be flirty energy, for others of this can be the past reaching out. Don’t make promises you can’t keep with this energy. You have a difficult time saying “NO”


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