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July 17, 2017

From now till the 24 of July Venus in Gemini will be square Neptune in Rx. This can be some self realization with this energy. For some of you, this can be having a difficult time with others, seeing them for who they really are, or this can be you being gullible and than realizing you’ve been taken advantage of . In nine hours carrying us out of July is Mars square Uranus. Mars is in the fix sign of Leo. Allot of ego, your needs are going to come out. So this can be more what’s in it for me attitude. Less being about others, and what I can get out of a situation. For others of you, you can be very harder when it comes to what you. Compromise may not be as easy as you think. Because Mars in Leo wants everything to be equal and fair. So this can also be a problem with love relationship because some relationships. It’s going to feel like the other person is being to controlling, or your doing most of the work in the relationship. This transit can initiate change, but it’s more like you have to show people. Because others are going to be dragged along or you have to prove to them your way is right. 


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