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daily aspects by Marie Moore

July 31, 2017

50minutes venus moves into Cancer. New relationships careful keep yourself in check you can get a bit needy or emotionally to much. You’ve been warned. Not the best time for negotiations or compromises because people need to feel like you care, or it’s more about them . Everyone wants or not everyone but some people want to feel like their feelings matter, or even want their feelings validated. So get ready for the insecure questions and those in your life needing to know if your on their side. Or just hint hint I’m not feeling secure in this relationship, or in this career. So people may need that communication that were good. Yesterday venus was in Gemini and sextile Uranus , now the energy has changed and it’s more in a Cardinal energy. This is a bit more action but at the same time still a bit indecisive because it needs more certainty or it may need more information to feel secure or like it’s going in a direction or I’m going to gain from this , therefore I will do it. For some of you, you can be attracting past relationships back into your life at this time. This is past relationships in general there are opportunities for second chances. Do I think it’s a good idea no because most of them are on again off again relationship. Or you just visit these friends during this time period. Yesterday we had venus square chiron , again venus is in Cancer, we can be a bit scared of letting go or making certain changes in our life. Because we are more concerned about what other people will say to us. Situations in our life can even feel a bit one sided and bit unfair because we are really intriguing that Venus in Cancer. So it’s not unfair it’s ego and this planetary influence at this time making things feel unfair. Be aware of the ego during this time period because we are more about the “I” instead of thinking bigger picture 


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