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daily transits by Marie Moore

August 10, 2017

5 hrs ago Mercury sextile Venus these two will be transiting till the 16th, Venus is in needy cancer at this time Mercury in Virgo. This is people going way out of the way for others if they want too, because it’s sextile and sextile are opportunities or kind of like maybe’s. So if your emotionally in a good mood because of Venus in so maybe you’ll help out. If your feeling like your to lose that friendship or relationship than maybe you’ll do more for this person. For some of you this is emotionally connecting to others through communication and maybe opening and saying whats on your mind maybe.Because Mercury in Virgo doesn’t really like to do so this is a maybe. Plus it’s an adaptable sign versus a Cardinal sign .For some of you , you can be easily pressured into doing things you don’t want to do or talk into things. For others of you this is a good time for negotiations .Mars quincunx Neptune in rx 36 minutes ago which will also be there till the 16th, for some of you a relationship or a situation can feel very one sided, but at the same time you don’t want to speak and just let things be at this time. Because Neptune is in rx and other planets are in rx. This has allot to do with our emotional self at this time. This can also be not wanting to face our problems or deal with what worries or scares us. This energy can be avoidance. For others of you, you can feel that others are disloyal to you and aren’t stand up for you or aren’t doing certain favors for you.Than in seven hrs from now sun sextile jupiter this transit is lasting till 22nd. This would be a good time to keep the thoughts positive , make those birthday wishes. Or to even delve into the power of prayer with this energy. For others of you this can be situations resolving themselve or coming to some kind of resolution . For others of you this can be career moving into the right direction
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