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August 13, 2017


For some of you this is guilt coming up. So careful with this energy because you can be feeling some kind of away about a situation. I do see a situation that is not in your control. Everything that happens has a reason to happen . Who ever has to leave your life let them leave. For some of you major opportunities are coming up. But they could be else where like a different state or country. So at this time you may mull it over before committing yourself to anything

For some of you travelling is coming up or plans to travel are coming up. For others of you this can be thoughts of moving to a different state or country. But I feel this can be for business and this can be temporary . For others of you , you need to pick and choose your battles especially in regards to work. You might try to fight other people’s battles and you can be the one who loses your job over it

I see some of you initiating certain changes in your life, because your tired of feeling stuck. For others of you, you may not be making changes at this time but planning or at least something is heavy on your mind. For some of you this can be changes or thinking about changes in regards to relationship because your not happy with your relationship or this can be quitting your job.Because your not happy at this time with career, because of the people that work there

You need to watch your emotional self this week. I feel the focus can be more towards family especially the women in your life. And you not getting along with them , or certain things that they are doing is making you upset. I do see plans to travel coming up with this energy. I feel for some of you, you can be complaining about what’s not going in your life. But other people see things differently . For others of you, you might not be making decision as a way to manipulate a situation.

I feel at this time , if your feeling some way about someone you need to keep your mouth shut or journal it. Because it is going to cause problems, and you’ll end up shooting your own foot. For others of you, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. For others of you this can be good news in regards to a loan. For some of you this is creating your own reality at this time. And also with this energy be careful of cause and effect, because I see you regretting your decisions

For some of you , you need to watch your emotional life , because you are being more to yourself. This can be because of school or because you are too busy with work than too tired to socialize. But try to create more balance and focus on things or people that make you happy. I see lots of communications going on this week, or this can be lots of online communication happening this week. For others of you this is a positive time with the social media or creative projects

For some of you, you need to becareful with your thoughts because thoughts can become things, and than you may regret what you were thinking of , so keep it positive or don’t intrigue certain thoughts. For some of you this can be a turn of events with love relationships, or this can be someone trying to get out of a contract. For some of you, you have things that you want to do , and you do have the green light but this can be more of a thought than an action

You benefit through others, or this can be good news with a loan , or someone going out of there way for you. But I feel that you may not take this person kindness and it’s more like a what’s in it for you kind of feeling.Accept the help and don’t question the ulterior motive. For some of you, you need to go out there and socialize because loneliness is getting the best of you. For some of you this can be a difficult time with mother or a mother figure in your life

For some of you the focus is on love relationship or even tired of being lonely and thinking about love relationship. You might not be getting along with a group of people at this time. You may have to keep your receipts because they could be trying to blame you for things that have nothing to do with you. For others of you, I see you thinking about making a career change or even setting out on your own and creating your own business, or making that your main source of income.

For some of you, you have a mastery over certain events in your life. The cards want you to know who ever it is coming back into your life . They are best left in the past you have nothing new to learn from them. For others of you , you need to take ownership of your part no matter how big or small. For others of you, you could be oblivious of any wrong doing or you can be obsessed with the past.You can be your own worst because you help out others instead of helping yourself

Everything and everyone has a purpose and reason to entering your life at this time. This can be for some of you a time for destiny. I feel that you are protect by any kind of wrong doing or trouble that you may find yourself in . Despite the ups and downs with the energies this can be a great week for you. I see a time of things you want , your going to be receiving .For some of you pick and choose your battles or make sure this battle has an ending because this battle can go on for ever .

For some of you, you can be dealing with a loss or separation. For others of you this can be prayers being answered. People in your life helping you out at this time, or this can be a loan coming or you being very giving to others. I see success on it’s way, I see recognition coming up and I feel that other people in your life can be talking you up. Money problems can cause a relationship to come to an end or bring allot of problems to the relationship. So try to focus on something else instead of playing the blame game


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