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August 15, 2017


This is change happening , this can be revisiting old projects, second chances or people from your past coming back. If you can avoid rehashing old fights your better for it. For some of you this is starting new projects or new business endeavors. For some of you, you can be very innovative or even revolutionary with your ideas. For others of you this is breaking up your routine because you want change, same old same old is boring to you

For some of you, you can be dealing with loss or separation at this time. For others of you this can be a possibility of a move. For some of you, you can be working with new people, or put into a group setting and you tend to be very shy with this energy. You need to be giving with this energy. For some of you, you haven’t been given the same attention your use too . Whether it be at work or your partner. You can be possessive or jealous of your relationships.

For some of you cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You can be nasty towards others because they aren’t listening to you or not doing what you would like them to do them. Who ever has to leave your life let them leave with this energy. For some of you, you can be more about your happiness at this time, but the problem is that you need a career to make money, etc. So try to put your feelings into perspective what is the true feeling

Not the easiest time for money. So you can be fighting with your partner about money at this time. For others of you, this is not making certain changes in your life. You want to go and make changes but this maybe a while before you initiate them. For some of you , you can be a bit more in your head about certain things going on in your life. Which is fine , your reevaluating career direction or certain relationships in your life, or this can be some serious planning going on

You can have a bit or lot more rare sense aka common sense than others. For some of you try to tap more into a sense of security. Because being in lack is going to mess with your flow with luck energy. Don’t allow the all mighty dollar to have control over your emotional well being everything is temporary. So try to tap into certainty and faith that everything will work itself out

For some of you this is a great time for career because your very organized and you are all about the details. For others of you this can be a popular energy time for you. There can be lots of plan about the weekend going on. What ever you put your mind too, you tend to get with this energy. For others of this is getting to the bottom of things and finding the truth

You have a stellium going on in your fourth house. For some of you this can be some unexpected news, or this can be focusing on moving, thoughts of moving , buying or selling a house. For some of you this can be dealing with custody battles , not getting along with family , or this can be not getting along with those in authority. At this time you need to be careful with your battles with others. Because your looking for respect and your looking for a thank you, and your not going to get it , and you have to be okay with it . You have to be more like your higherself #Iknow

If your going to give for the sake of giving. Do because it’s your job and expect nothing in return today. Or else it’s going to make you feel some kind of way with this energy. Not the easiest energy to deal with emotionally, so watch your emotional self. For others of you this is thoughts of father coming up or not getting along with father today.

Watch your emotional self, stay off the comment bar today because you can’t handle criticism.For some of you this can be temporary separation with family members and you may not be getting along with them at this time. Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to have are emotional breakthrough, to make certain relationships stronger, or to move in a different direction

For some of you, you have difficult lessons to learn in regards to love. So cock those brains because we can always have a different conversation or show more patience. Pluto is working on going direct next month. So at this time if you want your partner to stay have a different conversation , be the bigger person. For others of you, you are being put in a rock and hard place. And your being asked to make decision today that you don’t want to make

For some of you this is starting new projects , being open minded to a new philosophy or a new way of doing things. For others of you this is revisiting old projects or writing a book. For others of you, your trusting your intuition. For others of you, you can have an unusual experience that puts certain things in your life into perspective

Slow and steady wins the race in regards to business or career. For some of you this can be having awkward moments with others, or even other people trying to call you out. When encountering others don’t respond to the comment bar, or slow your way of thinking and cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. Or try to keep certain things as honest as possible and don’t exaggerate, or just avoid gossip today.


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