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August 16, 2017

Mars quincunx pluto Rx, till 23rd of August , not the easiest energy because this is frustrations, feel at this time this is were we make bad decisions or have major outburst. Because people are putting pressure on us to perform, or were not getting what we want. For others of you this can be money worries at this time and feeling the heaviness of this energy. This is a time to delve more into your spirituality and to be more proactive and less reactive. And to rise above these temporary issues . Sun conjunct north node till the 23rd. At this time this can be all about pride or not getting what you want, it’s based on your personal chart whats going. For some of you this is could be dealing with inheritance, court, this can be a good time for money coming in, or even a popular energy, for others of you this is a giving you the energy to stick to your routine and make things happen. For allot of us this is dealing with our pride and wanting respect and loyalty. Your not going to find that here because you expect more from friends and family. We have to rise above that part of ego and not allow are restrictions or expectations to ruin these relationships. We have to be bigger than ourselves and we just have to allow the injustice to happen, we have allow others to speak malice of us , and be okay with it. Because we have to look at bigger picture, not this hurts me I want to cry , we have to be about big picture, not what offends us. #ego #letgoego #virgoseasoncoming #happybirthdayleo #leo #suninleo #August2017 #astrology #astrologicalpost #youtube #aspects


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