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August 28, 2017

Tonight prayer connection at 8pm EST .
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You can be a stickler for the rules or very much stuck in your beliefs and traditions . Anything new coming in today you tend to fight it because it represent the new and change. For others of you the focus is on family or real estate matters. For some of you this can be implementing plans or strategies . For others of you, this is initiating changes and not everyone is going to be on board with your ideas
For some of you, you benefit through a Gemini person. For others of you, you need to be open about your feelings. Because you’ll see how you get your way when you communicate your needs. For others of you , this is feeling inspired. You could be a great poet with your words, or thinking about starting a book. For others of you , this is a great time for communications, or dealing with the media or social media

Watch your emotional self, you have no patience for Stupid today. For some of you, you could be accident prone so slow down your way of thinking. You might not be getting along with those on the social media, because people may not understand your way of thinking, or they could find you to opinionated.For some of you, you may feel like certain people in your life don’t have your back

For some of you, you could be coming up with new ways to make money, or creative ideas. For some of you this is trying to get a group together so you can do something with them this weekend. For some of you, your not speaking up at work, or communicating your feelings with others. You need to speak, you have an opinion too. IF you feel some kind of tell the person rather than bottling up. Yeah they ‘ll probably say something snarky , but in the future they will be considerate of your feelings

For some of you, this is thinking about reaching to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is a great energy to get organize , for some of you , you make allot of sense. And you are able to help others put certain things into perspective. For some of you, you need to be about big picture, and compromise with others, or be more adaptable to other people’s needs

For some of you, you have a difficult time expressing your feelings because your scared of being hurt, or you don’t want to expose your true feelings because you know it could get you in trouble. For some of you, you can be on a verge of a masterpiece but first you have to stop getting frustrated and relax. It’s like you take a few steps forward and one step back, it’s the energy this too shall past.

You need to change your outlook, your expecting a certain amount of loyalty from friends , and you might not be getting that. Who ever has to leave your life let them. Or you can change the conversation and realize you need to just accept this person for their flaws. And allow them to go through their own process. And allow yourself to be an example of friendship. I feel for others of you, you have difficult time sticking to your ideals and making certain corrections in your life. Don’t be so hard on yourself it’s okay to fall backwards because we can always start over.

Change is happening today, who ever has to leave your life let them, or read above Libra horoscopes, change the conversation. For some of you this is truth being revealed and people telling you exactly how they feel, or this can be you getting to the bottom of things. For others of you, you could be very hard on yourself today, so try to stay outta your dam head , and be more present in your life .

For some of you, cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You be a bit strong with your words and others may not be able to handle it. For some of you this can be things at work can come up missing , or people accusing of things. For others of you, you may have to get to the bottom of things, and you may not be happy with what you discover.

I feel at this time you need to come to the realization the old ways of behaving , that respect thing and manners could be out the door. Or you can find others arguing with your way of doing things. Be true to yourself and be an example of respect is. Everything is temporary so if you have to go along with other people’s ideas, it’s only for a minute before they go back to the old ways of doing things.

Some people in your life could be taking advantage of you, or this can be one of these erratic behaviors, because your trying to show your a toughy and command respect. I would really becareful with this energy before you get messy and petty. Pick and choose your battle, if your going to help than help for the sake of helping. If that person does take advantage of you. Than it means you two had karma in the past and the debt has been paid . For others of you , you could be dealing with frustrations today.

Don’t watch what other people are doing, you can be super competitive today. And to busy watching where everyone else is at in this game of life. Everyone has their turn . Fishies be patient your turn is coming. You have a difficult time seeing what you have . For some of you, you need to learn to spend time with your relationships, or making real connections with people

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