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September 13, 2017

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You offer great advice and encouragement to others. For some of you, you are able to make sense of other people’s plight, and get them out of sticky situations. For others of you, you can be more focus on your home life and being around family. For some of you this can be making plans for get togethers with family

Not the best time for negotiations or communications, because it’s your way or the highway. And this can end certain relationships. Try to look at big picture, because big picture you may want this person in your life. For others of you , you could be possessive with certain relationships and can come off as needy today.

You have allot of water in your second house, so your money situation is dictated by your emotional self. For others of you, you can be more quiet and busy in your feelings about certain situations. You need to be careful with the choices you make at this time. For some of you, you can be impulsive with your decisions. Because something has to give and there has to be something better. But sometimes this isn’t always the case. For some of you, you can ask God or the universe for sign. Careful with boredom in regards to love because this can bring endings with relationships

So much water in your sign, so careful with your emotions try to stay in your present. It’s up to you how you want your day to be. It can be an awesome and productive or this day can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy. Try to be adaptable to what other people want to do , or just be open and say “No , you don’t want to do that.” Your more about what you want to do , so certain relationships can make you feel stuck .

For some of you, you are more careful on how you spend your money. For some of you, this is a great time for networking or making friends with those in power or those who can pull strings. For some of you, when you see someone going out the door . You make your way to talk to management to let it be known you want to move up. For some of you this is a great time for career, and coming up with money making ideas

This is a great time to get things done with this energy, you can be a bit more pushy when it comes to what you want. It’s hard to argue with you, because you make allot of sense, or you know how other people’s argument validate your argument or point of view. For others of you this can be making certain positive changes in your life.

For some of you this energy brings about a turn of events that will challenge your way of seeing something or looking at things. This change is wanting you to be more adaptable and accepting of the situation. There is a reason for everything , stay present and out of your head, and for some of you through this situation things will be made more clear to you

For some of you this can be surprise good news . For some of you, you could be fighting with certain people in your life. Because they aren’t listening to you, or this can be power struggles with the opposite sex. For others of you this is receiving sparks of miracles that your moving in the right direction. For some of you this is putting on that Scorpio charm and getting your way with certain situations. For others of you this is reconnecting with people from your past.

For some of you, you need to be aware of how you speak to others . You could be micromanaging certain people in your life. For others of you , you can be very hard on yourself and pretty much a perfectionist. So try to go more with the flow today and relax a bit more.

For some of you, you benefit through partnerships, or this can be good news with loans , or with court. For some of you, you could have a difficult time grasping certain subjects at school. And you may need a bit of extra help. Or your not understanding what other people are trying to say and your either taking offense to this or your taking it the wrong way . You may need a sounding board to help you interpret certain things that were said to you

For some of you this can be coming up with creative ideas. You can see the end result with certain situations, or have a deeper understanding of why certain things happen. For some of you , you need to slow down your way of thinking, and think about big picture. You might not be getting along with family, or you can feel like others are taking advantage of you. Which can lead to some major outburst

You have a beautiful kite energy happening this can be thoughts becoming things for some of you . This can be a popular energy time for you. For some of you this is getting the green light with certain things that you want. For some of you this is a good day for career, or business with this energy


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