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November 12, 2017

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This is you making things happen. For some of you this can be on a large scale making certain social movements or being part of social movement in your community and volunteering. Or you can be very ambitious with your career. For others of you the mind can be on the money today and focusing on other avenues of making money

So many planets in your seventh house today. For some of you, you can be connecting more with one particular relationship, or spending more time with that one person or new person in your life. For others of you, you can be getting to know someone new

Keep your thoughts positive because you can be attracting problems or the answer you don’t want into your life. For others of you, you can be fighting with yourself. You are going fighting with your new normal and you have to learn to accept your situation. The quicker you accept your situation , the quicker it changes

Be more self of aware of your actions, and how you react to certain situation, because you can or might be making it worst. For some of you , this can be you speaking up on behalf of a group or on behalf of a person in your life. Because you have a better understanding of what is going on

For some of you, you could be worrying over nothing and everything today will work it self out. For others of you , this is you facing certain problems or issues that you don’t want to deal with. For some of you, this can be a time of making plans for the weekend. Or you can be having a bit of an adventure today

You can be very action orientated when it comes to what you want. You are making allot of sense with this energy. You may have the right person’s ear to make things happen. For others of you, you can be that go to person at work, or you can find this to be a popular energy time on the social media.

For some of you this is fighting for the under dog in your life, or you can be more of a rock in other people’s lives. For others of you, you want to make sure your doing the right thing, or you don’t know whether or not you should impose your views on to another, because it might offend. I feel this topic at hand will come at a later time. And this person will tell you what you should have done . In case this happens again next time

Not the best day for compromise because you can be stuck in your way of thinking and you don’t want to compromise. Try to be more about big picture and future rather than being right. For some of you, you can inadvertently inspire others with your ideas, and your knowledge on certain subjects

For some of you, you can see big picture , but you may not have the details in how to get there. For others don’t push yourself on to others, because not enough water has gone under that bridge to allow time to heal. For others of you, careful of gossiping because others might not be aware that was a secret that you were telling them

For some of you, this can be learning new trends or updating yourself with your career through the internet. For others of you, you can learn something new through your travels, or watching the travel channel. For others of you, you can be taking care of someone in your life. And you are a great healer or a nurse with this energy

You need to go more with the flow, and learn to accept the situation and the choices that you made. You need to be more about the bigger picture rather than how you feel and wanting everything to be your way. Because this is not happening today, so try to be more adaptable and go along with what other wants , in the name of peace

For some of you, remain in the present don’t get ahead of yourself when it comes to new opportunities. Somethings are just to good to be true because it is . Before you give that fast YES, you may want to start your research and look up for reviews. Because you could be falling for a scam


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