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January 12, 2018

You can be going out of your way for others, or doing something special for the people in your life. This can be other people in your life showing their loyalty to you or helping you last minute. You may have to step out of your routine with your relationship and do something different or communicate your need

You might need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. OR this can be people in your life catching you off guard. Try to mindful of your actions this can be repress emotions coming out and getting the best of you.

You may have to smile or speak to others because you may be hearing today, “what’s the matter” or “are you mad at me?” Either because of your silence or because of your body language.This can be thinking outside the box, or coming up with cool ideas or plans to do for this evening

You might not be leading the group today or you have to be more adaptable to what everybody else wants to do. And just play nice for the sake of peace or bigger picture . You could be worried about others or you can be fighting other people’s battles , or taking of their problems

♌ #LEO
You can be avoiding the elephant in the room, or this can be you fighting with yourself today.You can have sway over certain people or certain situations. You have an easier time communicating your needs and getting what you want .

You do have a water trine happening today, so you need to be the deliberate creator in your life and use this energy for the power of prayer or manifesting . This can be reconnecting with old friends, or you can be receiving good news

You may need to slow down today, and double check your work, or you may have to slow down the reactive self. You can be very inventive when it comes to your communication, or this can be when it comes to your social media pages. You can be getting along with the mover and shakers in your life and they may help you with certain things or situations

This can be good news coming , or this can be your money situation turning for the better, or this can be things working out last minute. This can be you on the right path and feeling a bit more emotionally balance because things or situations are more in your favor

When you deal with other people problems. Some of your problems can get resolved. This can also be lessons with money today. You may need to learn how to better protect yourself, or a bit more vigilant of what your investing your money into .

You can be in a leadership position at work, or this can be a popular energy time for you. You can find yourself out and about a bit more with friends. This can be a positive turn of events with money , or with business. This is a great time to work on the self, or update yourself on your business

You may have to find freedom in what you do , you could feel a bit restricted in your obligations or your responsibility. Find freedom in your responsibility and be in the present. It can be if you think about it, your going to feel some sort of way.

This can be a better energy time with career or business. This is you being more mindful of others or you may have to stay off the comment bar. This is a great time to focus on philosophy , or spirituality , it can regenerate your spirit


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