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March 2, 2018

Your trusting yourself and acting on your decisions. You have a great head for business or this can be common sense coming in. You can be effective leader in your group, or you can be taking on a leadership position in crisis situation

For some of you, you can have an emotional , if not psychic connection with your partner. Or you two can have a better understanding of each other.You can be converting others to see your way of thinking or doing things. Or you can be that person that everyone goes to for advice and answers

Change is happening today for better or worst, it’s just change. You can or someone in your life is rehashing old fights, or you may still not be over certain situations.This is an opportunity to help yourself by acknowledging your feelings, forgive the person, and move on. I’m not asking to approach the person but in your mind you can do this process of moving on

You can be complaining a bit more than usual, or your not happy about something. Watch your emotional life because you can accident prone. Try to stay in the present this can also be too much thought of future future which is giving you a bit of anxiety

You can be at the right place at the right time, or you are making some major changes today. For others of you, you are open to anything or this can be having adventure with friends. Try to be about facts and what is actually happening , don’t be about ego. It can be taking you for a ride

This can be a move happening , or this can be not getting along with the men in your life. Or you can be involved in other people’s drama. Or you can be kind of doing your own thing and not listening to certain people. For others of you, this can be new experiences coming up , and you over thinking the situation

You might not be getting along with the men in your life, or those in authority. You can be very creative with this energy. You can surprise yourself on how much you can take on today. This can be a positive time for contacts, or people in your life can pleasantly surprise you

Relationships can be fragile today, it’s best to let the dust settle than to stir things up. Pick and choose your battles today. North node in leo , we have to give other their space or accept them for who they are. You may need a plan B today certain plans my not pan out

This can be good news with property matters, custody battles or inheritance, or loans. You can have a an emotional transformation. Or you may be making some necessary changes in order to create more peace in your life. For some of you, this can be luck kicking and certain situations working more in your favor

This can be receiving the truth , or this can be emotional validation. But your still not trusting of the person or the situation despite what you know. You need to watch your emotional life because you can take things to personally

Words can sting so careful with your words , for some of you this can be starting over in certain areas of your life. You can be open to new experience, or this can be teaching others what you know about religion , the occult or the law of attraction

This would be sparks of miracles happening today, or this can be working on the emotional self. This is a great time for social media, for others of you benefit when you are working on your emotional self. Today everyone has an opinion, its best to be more about you and not listen to everyone on internet world. A great energy for focusing on goals


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