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March 5, 2018


You can be given free reign at the office and your allow to do your own thing or create your own system that works for you. For others of you, you can find freedom in your responsibilities. Or people tend to go along with what you want


This can be obsessive about the past, or you can be possessive of your relationship. This can be reconnecting with people from your past .Friends or family going out of their way for you. This can be emotional validation or truth being revealed .


You can have a better understanding of those in authority or even certain family members.

Someone may open up to you and help you understand them a bit better.You have a fun flair for the dramatics, or you can be very charismatic today. For others of you this can be good news or you benefiting through the men in your life.


you can have prophetic dreams, or this can be your intuition being on point. You tend to understand situations, or you see things as they really are. This can be you going out of your way for your new friends, or family. You may have to speak up and be honest with your feelings


You need to watch your emotional self, and how you speak to others . You may regret what you say or you have to be honest with your feelings and deal with the elephant in the room. Just make sure to use couth, because the moon in Scorpio . We can take things a bit to personally today


This can be reconnecting with people from your past, or an ex coming back in which you two instantly get back together. This can be you understanding how other people think and you are able to use that to your advantage. Or you have a better idea why certain people the way they do


You may need to have patience with others, or you may have to be flexible when comes to your definition of loyalty. You may need a plan B because certain people may not come through today. You can be learning something new today through different cultures or through your travels


You need to be flexible or bend like the palm tree you are. You have to be the bigger person in certain situations in order to keep the other person in your life. Or just for the name of peace. You can be very intense, and some times people can’t give a deeper answer because some answers are just that black and white


This can be some unexpected turn of events happening with career, but it’s in your favor. Or this can be people in management pulling strings for you and making things happen. Careful with the gossip, or when it comes to voicing your opinion, because others can find you to be a bit to harsh


You have the ability to figure out certain people especially the new people that walk into your life. You attract people to you like bees to honey, a very popular energy time for you. This can be making plans for this week or for the weekend


This can be unexpected turn of events happening. This can be powerstruggles with close relationships. Mercury is now in your third house so you can be stuck in your way of thinking. Try to give them the opportunity to change. Sometimes its us that needs to change not the other person


You can be emotional balance or working on the self. For others of you this can be things in your life coming together or being more in your favor. You are able to help certain people process certain situations , or your better able to understand what other people need .


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