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March 7, 2018

Slow down today and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you say yes. This can also be reconnecting with the ex or reconnecting with people from your past. For others of you the new people coming into your life or those in authority are presenting new opportunities to you. Or helping you grow your career.

This can be out with the old or in with the new. This can be changing your way of thinking or your philosophies about life. You have the energy and focus to make things happen or finish certain projects today. You benefit through teamwork or other people making you look good.

You need to be careful with your choices today. The decisions that you make today will affect you in the future. For others of you, be on the right side of the law today. At this time you’re being asked to step out of your comfort zone and this is going to initiate spiritual growth.

Keep your feet planted. Your sentence for today should be seeing is believing. Too much talk of future future going on and getting you excited. Allowed things to come into your life . This can be good news today in regards to business or Media or social media. You can be more in a take-charge attitude

You have the energy to focus and get things done. If you want to start a new project or if you want to quit a habit or focus more on school now you have the energy to do so. For others of you, you can have difficulties with family at this time because you’re not open to change or you can be stuck in your way of thinking, bend like the palm tree you are.

Find something that makes you happy today in your career or in your daily routine. You don’t like to be told what to do so you tend to quiet Rebel or just continue doing your own thing. This can be good news with property matters or a good time for business or this can be some unexpected events happening in your favor

You can be working through some emotional stuff that you haven’t took the time to acknowledge and move on from. This is an opportunity today to look at past situations, put them into perspective and learn to move on. Whatever projects you start now you tend to see all the way through till the end

You can be very creative if not Innovative with this energy. This can be revisiting old projects or revamping your website. This can be updating yourself with your career. You are more open-minded to other people’s way of doing things just as long as they are not being bossy or infringing on your freedoms

This can be good news coming up in regards to property matters or this is family going out of their way for you. You benefit through the women in your life today. Trust your intuition ,it’s very strong. This is a very creative time for you in regards to music or the Arts. You can also be a great Problem Solver today.


This can be reconnecting with people from your past via the social media. Or this can be others introducing you to something new. Or this can be reconnecting with the ex. This can be a great time for job interviews or auditions because you’re a really good talk

This can be starting new projects. Or this can be work smarter not harder. This can be achieving certain goals. you feel focus on and you tend to get done. You tend to be more about the greater good and what’s best for everybody.

People tend to shock you but in a good way. Your communication skills are very strong and when you say something people tend to go along with you. This can be unexpected doors opening up for you . Or you can just surprise yourself on what you can accomplish


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