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March 12, 2018

Keep it honest today and avoid gossip, this can be someone airing out your dirty laundry or trying to throw you under the bus. Get out your receipts or own it. Because when your honest , you’ll see that there is not much to be said, but okay Thank you. People appreciate honesty more.

This is a time of self empowerment, this can be starting over in certain areas of your life. Or ending certain toxic situations. You can be helping others grow or supporting their creativity or even mentoring others. This is people supporting your creativity .

You can be very critical of others especially those in authority or the men in your life. When your helping others, your problems get resolved or this can be luck kicking in. When your tapping into your creativity that is when your money situation or even your situation in general changes for the better

You can have the energy to get things done or you can be more accepting of your responsibilities which is putting you in a good head space. This can be getting the recognition or appreciation you need to continue doing what you are doing. You can be going out of your way for others

♌ #LEO
You can be on top of things today or feeling a bit organized. This can be going above and beyond when helping others. Your more open minded to trying new things especially in regards to health or well being. You can be creating standards of what is expected when it comes to work or career

This can be good news , or working on the self. You tend to get to the bottom of things, or you can be great at problem solving. You need to have patience with others, or you might not be able to take criticism from those in authority. Try to see this as an opportunity to grow or it’s something new your learning don’t take a personal

The focus can be towards family members or those who are older than you may need your help or your attention today. You can have a falling out with someone today, because certain subject can be too touchy, or you can take it as people being attacking. When they are trying to help you. Sometimes when were too close to situations we have a difficult time seeing.

Some people in your life can be dumping their problems on to you. At this time create boundaries with certain people because it can be a bit draining. Also not everyone wants your help , their just looking for a sympathetic ear.

This can be a positive turn of events happening with career, or work. This can be certain situations work out the way you planned. This can be people going out of their way for you, or going the extra mile for you. There can be lots of communications or making plans for the weekend happening

This can be hardwork and perseverance paying off. Or when you focus on end result , you tend to get what you want today. This can be commonsense kicking in and you being great at problem solving or this can be adding new ways to help grow your business, or help you work smarter.

This can be reconnecting with people from your past. This can be new people coming into your life to help you grow, or this is a fun time to mingle if your single. You can be more in a leadership position with career, or with the social media . You can be that person everyone goes too for advice.

This can be a popular energy time for you in general, or this can be a flirty energy. You can be more out and about than usual. You can have a better understanding of trends or this can be you being a very good sales person or having a good interview. Because you have a better understanding of other people’s needs


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