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March 13, 2018

Your not so quick to jump on to new ideas or new business endeavors. Something could be heavy on your mind but your not in rush to start it. People at work can find you more reliable because your on time, or your more willing to work overtime, or not give them problems.

This can be epiphany’s happening, or you are having a better understanding about yourself. Why you do the things you do, or your acknowledging certain patterns about yourself. OR this is reevaluation about certain relationships or you can have a better understanding of the other people, or see them for who they really are

Expect the unexpected, you can be reconnecting with someone from your past, or you can be having a bit of fun and adventure with friends. This can be finding out about some good juice going on with certain people in your life. This can be some much needed good news

This is new beginnings happening, or starting new projects , or even updating yourself with your career. Your communications skills are very powerful, you know how to make work sound like fun, or give people the motivation they need to continue on.

You make an excellent teacher. This is nurturing other people’s talent or even your children’s talent. You can be a great debater, and take other people’s arguments to make your own arguments stronger. You might have to give the mind something to do today because you can be feeling restless, or you can feel the weight of your responsibilities on your shoulders

Fun opportunities coming up . Or people in your life taking you out of your routine and having a bit of an adventure today, or your more open minded to new experiences and learning something new about other people’s cultures or traditions. This can be breakthroughs happening or over coming certain obstacles

This is change happening, or you can be making some emotional changes today. You need to watch your emotional self, or this can be trigger words. Bringing up past hurts giving you an opportunity to heal or acknowledge why you are reactive towards other people’s words.

You can feel that your hard work or perseverance is paying off. You have a better understanding on certain situations, or you have the gift of concentration and getting things done. You want to make an impact on other people’s lives for the better. Just make sure that they want the help or the change that you offer them

You need to watch your emotional self today, you can be looking for respect and not getting it, or you can be letting your pride to get the best of you. You might not be getting along with neighbors or siblings. This can be achieving your goals, or a great day for business or career

You can be more of a risk taker with career, or business. For others of you, you benefit from following a non-traditional path or career, and this is business growth happening today. You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Because not everyone is going to appreciate your sense of humour

You may need to be more accepting of your situations and learn how to enjoy the present and focus on the things that make you happy. You need to keep realistic on what you can do because you might have to much on your plate, or you may need to keep it honest when it comes to your skill level

You tend to say what’s on your mind or communicate more of your needs and wants. You can find that others in your life are more willing to comply to your request. This can be some unexpected turn of events, or this can be stepping out of your routine , for a bit of fun today


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