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March 14, 2018

Working on your career, or business and seeing what works or doesn’t work. This is revamping your image or your website. You are more grounded at this time making better decisions, or having a better insight into difficult or stagnate situations. This is stepping out of your routine, or you can be more about your social life.

You can help two people today understand the other person’s way of thinking or doing things. This is reinventing the self, or your open to making positive changes for your emotional self. This is making some emotional breakthroughs, or making some necessary changes in your life in the name of peace.

You can be creating excuses or putting yourself in a box because of fears from childhood , or fears that you creating in your mind. Try to put things into perspective, what is the worst that can happen, someone could just say “NO”, or might not talk to you for a few days. Be about what’s best for you

You take what ever you can that is coming your way. You are so QUICK to jump on opportunities, you can be speaking up more or being more open and honest about your needs and feelings. You can be having a bit of an adventure or your more open too trying new things

♌ #LEO
You can be more protective of certain people in your life, or you can be very sentimental about the past or even thinking about the ex. Your partner maybe your biggest cheerleader or can be treating you like a Queen or King today. This working hard towards your goals or career

This is a time of reevaluation or emotionally processing certain hurts that your subconscious wants you to acknowledge. So you can heal and move on, you need to acknowledge, find the positive of the situation, accept the situation , and try to find the lesson or blessing in the situation. Trigger words or even people trying to romanticize the past, and your subconscious is not over it . This is an opportunity to heal

You can be very hard on yourself, or your not doing anything today which is giving the mind an opportunity to wander. Try to give the brain something to do or try to stay more focus on the present and focus on the things you can control. You can bring a different perspective or ways of doing things to the table, or this can be some unexpected good news

Keep it humble , this can be getting your way in certain situations. This can be some positive movement happening with career, or doors opening for you that you didn’t expect. You may need to be more about others, or you need to be understanding of their needs, or you need to be bit kinder to family, even when their pushing your buttons

Truth being revealed about certain people or situations, or people in your life can be more open and honest with you. You have deeper connection with certain relationship, and you can be spending more time with that one friend. This can also be reconnecting with someone from your past, or this is who ever has to leave your life let them

You can be focusing more on the one relationship or putting that person on a pedestal, so careful with doing because of your expectations that you have for that person might be to high.Lots of communications going on today, for some of you this is a great time for media or social media because you tend to know what people want

You can be very original in your way of thinking or you can be open minded to a new way of doing things. This can be a creative time to add new things on to your social media page, or this is a meeting a new love interest via internet. You can be seen more because you tend to stick out more away from the sheep

You can be delving more into your spirituality , or different philosophies, you are more open to learning new things. Or this can be working on the emotional self. You can have deeper insight or understanding into certain situations. This can be revamping your image, your website, or revisiting old projects , or even restarting your diet


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