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April 16, 2018

Chiron moves into your first house , you can find your own power today, or you can be making things happen for yourself. You are more about taking charge, making changes and taking initiative. The train is full speed ahead and moving fast. Others may not like but your not about slowing down

Trust your intuition and share them with others to help them grow or understanding themselves. You can be more to yourself or you prefer to be by yourself, because your more of a psychic sponge. So take some time out today, too meditate and ground your energy. Try to acknowledge, how your feeling because you can be taking on other people’s energy

In order to keep the peace , you need to change the conversation in your head. This can be who ever has to leave your life let them leave your life. You need to be more adaptable to others, or you may have to think about giving up something in order to gain something

Certain situations are making you step out of your comfort zone , you may have to go more with the flow and be adaptable. For some of you this can be rehashing the past or triggers that can open old wounds at this time, or someone in your life wants to talk about the past. You may want to move forward. If they need closure than apologize, if you need closure than say whats on your mind and how you felt at that time

♌ #LEO
You might not be getting along with the women in your life, or you may have to be adaptable to other people and be on their time. Be open minded to other people’s ideas or a new way of doing things, because you can be pleasantly surprise or even having a bit of fun. When you try something new

The focus is more towards your love relationship. You benefit through the opposite sex. You can be in a good head space, or this can be common sense. You can be very organized and on top of things. OR you have the energy to deal with certain things that you’ve been putting off.

You need to watch your emotional life, because you can be making impulsive decisions based on your emotional self. This can be who ever has to leave your life let them leave your life. You might not be getting along with certain family members, or you can feel certain situations are a bit one sided

You can be improving on yourself, or you can be a great problem solver today. Leave your check list along and look at big picture, you can be bored in certain relationships, or your expecting a certain amount of loyalty to them . So try to emotional process your situation and think about bigger picture
You need to pick and choose your thoughts carefully today because you may not be over certain situations, and you need to work on letting those thoughts go because there causing blockages in other areas of your life. This can be the straw that broke the camels back and you can be making some necessary changes in your life

Go with the flow today, there are certain situations that are out of your control. Thats okay, sometimes when this happen the lesson here is to divert your energy to situations that you can control. You are very inventive and original in your way of thinking. You can be starting new projects.

You can be super focus on something today or a situation, but you may have to learn to focus on other areas of your life , like the people in your life may need more of your attention today. This is a great time for negotiations, or getting your way with certain things. Business can pick up today

You can be in a good headspace emotionally, you have a strong energy and others can feel your love energy and your happiness can be contagious. You have an easier time trusting your intuition or reading people. Careful with what you say yes too, because you don’t want to put yourself in a situation. Where you feel stuck


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