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April 17, 2018

I’am available for reading and reports, lets not forget the next big transit and shift of energy will be Uranus in Taurus, so check out your yearly report or six month report and find out how the rest of the year is going to be different

Not the best time for listening for you, because you tend not trust other people motivates, or you can be stuck in your way of thinking. May I advice to bend a bit because it may be in your best interest to list to others, for now. You feel that others don’t have your best interest at heart or you can allow your emotional self to get the best of you. Its best to get out of your feelings today. Certain situations may not end well

Try to be about facts don’t go assuming, and be open and honest about what you like and what do want. Because you can be going along with what everyone else doing or what certain people want to do. Be honest because later on this is going to come and bite you in the butt

Your communication skills are very powerful , and you are able to get others to do what you want. What ever you put your mind too, you tend to get it done. You can feel accomplish, or even empowered because you are able to confront your problems, or handle certain things you’ve been putting

In order to keep the peace you may have to be adaptable and go more with the flow for the sake of getting along. Careful with the gossip because it can be a situation where you get confronted and than your going to have cover your butt. Speaking of gossip, try not to create your own stories of what’s going or not going because you can have some major outburst that makes no sense

♌ #LEO
Try something new today, or break your routine it can be good for you. You can be stuck in your way of thinking or this can be you dealing with your issues of control. Be open to what other people are saying or doing, come more in a place of YES. Once you tried it didn’t like it, okay at least you can say you did

You don’t want to say things out of anger because your not getting your way right now. You can be burning bridges, so careful which bridges you burn because it maybe a long while before you come back to that bridge. Something nice, you can be very creative or you can be communicating or spending time with family

The weirdos maybe coming out , they are best to be avoided, avoid your: DMS, Comments bars or avoid making eye contact as they people lack common sense. You can be dealing with pushy people so they are best dealt with by saying that nasty word NO and standing your ground no matter what

You can be inspired by others or their story. This can be the fire under the butt that you need. This can be a great time for common sense, and things that you once upon avoided , your no longer avoiding which leads to self empowerment. This can also be work smarter not harder

This can be starting over in certain ares of your life or recommitting to certain projects. This is a great time for money to be coming in but than the dilemma is those bills and minor financial set back. So try to be more about the bigger picture. You are taking care of business today

Your diving into a new project or this can be a new experience happening, and you are all about the positive changes, or new release on life that is being given to you today. You are more on top of things or even a bit of a perfectionist and impressing the right people

You have a more stick to it approach with your projects or what ever you set your mind too, you tend to get it done. You need to watch your emotional you can be clumsy or accident prone. Be more self aware of your thoughts because you take things personally or feel things more intensely. This can cause erratic behavior. You might not be getting along with family because they may inconvenience you a bit today.

You can be more in a happy go lucky mood. This can be a good news with business or career or this can be getting a job or accepted at a school. You can feel more in control of your situation or destiny. You can also be bored of certain relationships or the person in your mind is not the person in your reality
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