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May 7, 2018

Lots of communications going on today for you. This can even open season on love, and the flirting can get hot and bothersome today whether your in a relationship or not. You can be setting your calendar and making plans with friends for the weekend or this week

Change is happening so try to be adaptable everything happens for a reason. You can feel things a bit more intensely at this time, or others are passionate about certain topics, or you can touch a nerve. Pick and choose your battles wise and know when to back off aka be quiet

Family obligations and or responsibilities may have to come first before you go making plans with friends. You may have to make some sacrifices in order to keep the peace or to make other people happy.You benefit through the women in your life

This can be change happening especially with friendships or this can be with love relationships. This can also be a life changing experience happening for the better for some. This can be meeting new people or receiving lots of flirty attention from others. This can be a great opportunity for love or meeting someone new

♌ #LEO
You have an opportunity today to make new friend or meet new people . You can be very charming and out going with this energy, or other people can inspire or ignite your creative juices. You can be following your own drummer and making your own rules, this might not go over so well with others

You know how to win people over, or you know how to fit in with a new crowd. You are putting your best foot forward and making new friends or meeting new people to network with . You can be a bit idealistic when it comes to ideas and you may need help with putting certain things into reality

Its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease so try not to over think things when opportunities knocks or worry about the future. Sometimes when it comes to moving ahead we have to take chances. For some of you this is jumping off the hamster wheel and watching where it takes you today

For some of this is change happening today. For others of you , you may have to bend like the palm tree, I know you can be . You can be stuck in your way of thinking so try to be open to new ways of doing things or suggestions. You can also be a trend setter and five years ahead of everyone else

You can be obsess with a particular new person in your life or you can be more curious about certain gossip spreading around the office or at school. There can be lots to do with family or making plans for get together with family

This can be wrenches thrown into your routine, or your routine can unexpectedly change. For others of you , this comes down to loyalty and expecting more from certain people in your life, or your just surprise that they don’t have your back.

Your not open to change, or a different way of doing things. You can be doing things a bit differently from what others are use too. So don’t be surprise if you get a lecture or a weird, because certain people aren’t open to new ways of doing things, or can be stuck in their way of doing things, so tred carefully.

You are open and receptive to trying something new or even a new age thinking or this can be something that is totally out of your comfort zone, may open your mind, or broaden your horizon. You can be attracting more helpers in your life, or you can be getting along better with those in power


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