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May 7, 2018

I’ve update my little store, and I’am available for readings and reports this week so check it out

This can be reconfirming your commitment to certain goals. You can see sparks of miracles happening or this can be business picking up today. Careful when trying to give others advice because it can be unwanted advice, or they are not ready to listen or your not ready to listen

Whatever is in your mind is not matching with your reality, or this can be plans not working out as planned, or you need to learn to emotionally connect to your partner. You may want to get a second opinion when it comes to texting messaging others your thoughts because your feeling some kind of way

This can be a fun energy time, expect the unexpected . I feel friends can bring the fun at work, or create a much needed distraction in your life. This can be something new going on in your life which has you engaging more with your present. This can be getting a new phone or learning something new today

You can be getting along better with certain people, this can be business picking or you coming up with money making ideas. This can be also plans not going as planned, or you may not be getting in certain situations. Try to go with the flow and be more in the moment.

♌ #LEO
What ever expectations you have about others or certain relationships need to be thrown out the door. You can be disappointed in others because they are either running back to the ex after you said no. Or certain people may have forgotten about certain things they were suppose to do today

You know exactly what other people want, or you can go above and beyond for others. Friends or family members can lean on you a bit more than usual, and you can be helping others lift themselves up, or you can put the fire under their butt that they need to continue through difficult situations

Other people in your life can be expanding your horizon or helping you put certain situations into perspective. This energy can bring unexpected turn of events, or this can be over coming certain challenges or obstacles. This can be certain situations working out in your favor.

You can be going out of your way for others, or doing something special for your friends, or making plans keeping others in mind. This can be a time of healing and letting go, you may notice how certain things especially past hurts don’t affect you anymore

This can be a surprise turn of events happening, or this can be dealing with family at this time. You can be dealing with your private struggles . Try not to take it out on others, because this can be who ever has to leave your life let them leave your life. The focus can be more about your personal life

You do well in crisis situations and you tend to work well when your under pressure or take over certain situations that other people can’t handle during this time. You can be getting along better with those in authority. Or you can be getting along better with people you typically don’t get along with

You can surprise others with your ideas or you can say the right thing that puts the fire under someone ‘s butt to make some changes. You benefit through groups or this can be other people helping you grow. You can make a great mediator when it comes to the office politics, or your able to bring people to your side

You can feel more organized and on top of things, or you have the energy to get things done. Keep your feet firmly planted and don’t allow all the good coming to get you carried away. Try to be about facts and what you see. Promises are only good in horse shoes and hand grenades. Your motto when I see I’ll believe it. Also try to be honest as possible because it can catch back up with you.


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