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May 8, 2018

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Be about facts and what’s happening. I feel others can be changing their routine on you, or this can be a partner not texting you when they say they were going to text you, and you feeling some kind of way about it. Give them a minute or a few days don’t text back, because it can be a power thing

You can read the hell out of certain situations or other people’s situations and calling it as you see it today. This can also be an emotional connection with someone new, and you two getting along splendid, or being at a location and feeling a connection, like your suppose to be here

Today is based off your emotional self, so be the deliberate creator that you are and choose to follow your inspiration or your intuition today. This can be an intense attraction to someone new, or this can be a new love coming. This can be a surprise turn of events happening in your favor

You feel things very intensely so your actions and thoughts are dictated by your emotional self. This can be thoughts become things so keep it positive. You can be getting over past hurts or this energy brings you a sense of connection with people in your life

♌ #LEO
Trust your intuition , this would be a great day for thoughts to become things. You know exactly how to get your way or how to speak the same language as someone else, or you know your people. Trust your hunches because you can be at the right place , at the right time.

You have a better understanding of others, or you know what buttons to push to get what you want. You can feel a deep connection with someone just make sure to stay after sharing your vulnerable side with them. You may have to stay out of your head because this can be thoughts of the past

Certain relationships you may have to tred carefully with because they aren’t ready to hear their truth, or they aren’t ready to make certain changes. You need to be the change don’t just think, or over think it, sometimes you just need to take steps towards it

You can have a difficult time allowing someone else to lead or you can be getting yourself into something that you don’t want to do . Don’t make promises you don’t want to keep. You may need convincing or motivate to get started on certain things.

You may have to delegate your responsibilities or start saying “NO” when others want to put more on your plate. Before reacting to others or giving others a hard time. Try to figure out why your mad at them or what you need from them. Because you can have a difficult time digging up that true feeling

You need to be a bit aware of what your getting yourself into or what you are saying Yes too . Try to be more about facts than the conversations your having in your mind. See with your eyes and what’s in front of you than trying to use your intuition. Because your emotions are reading to much in a situation

Expect the unexpected from others, people can pop in from out of the blue to say “HI”, or they can take you out of your routine. This can be having a deeper connection with certain relationships. This can be love at first sight for some of you, or getting extra lovings from your partner.

You can find freedom in your responsibilities, or feel in a good head space when you have more of a routine. This can be your nurturing instincts coming out a bit more and you want to take care of others. This can be working on quitting a habit or creating a lifestyle change for yourself


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