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June 21, 2018

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This can be rehashing old fights or reconnecting with people from the past, or this can be who ever has to leave your life let them leave your life.You can also have regret , so slow your thinking. Careful with the conversation or how you speak to others.

You like to meet new and interesting people.You can be a bit more cerebral when it comes to your relationships, you prefer to learn things with your partner or do things together.You can be a bit obsessed or trolling on certain people pages. Or celebrities or certain people of history can intrigue you

You can be guided by your intuition or this can be having an intense connection with someone new. Your money situation is dictated by your emotional self, or you can be delving more into your spirituality. This can be a popular energy time for you

This can be a lucky energy time for you, or sparks of miracles happen today. You need to be in a good headspace so certain things now can manifest in your life. You need to be more adaptable or you may need to go along with what other people want in order to keep the peace with certain people

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You need to be honest with what you like or don’t like. This can be you accidently people pleasing others and trying to be more relatable with certain people. You are open to a new way of doing things, or even open minded to new philosophies or religions.

This can be changes at work happening , or this can be revisiting old projects or starting new ones.You can be sentimental of the past. You can have a psychic connection with certain people, or when you say their name. They show up or text you. You can be a psychic sponge today decipher which is your emotions, and which is the rooms

Be about the reality of the situation not what you want to see or other people are telling you. Your actions today are dictated by your emotional self. You may have to work on yourself, or challenges in your life can be showing you what you need to work on

You are such a snake charmer. This is a great time for communications ; people tend to go along with what you want. This is a great time to get your flirt on. This can be a fun time for family get togethers, or going out with friends tonight. If your single get ready to mingle

You may need to read the fine print or understand exactly what your getting yourself involved. You have lessons with money today so careful .Don’t go assuming be about facts or what you can see. There could be lack of response going on with the texting which is making your mind run

You may have to cock your brains before you shoot that mouth, or you may have to keep it humble. Let your work speak for you. This can be you listing the things you done for some and not receiving anything return. Be about bigger picture when it comes to your relationships

Watch your emotional self today. You can be rehashing old fights especially with the women in your life. You may have to pick and choose your battles to create peace in your life, or you can be feeling some kind of way because of your money situation. Try not to take this out on others

Not everyone is going to be on the same page with you when it comes to your thoughts and your ideas. Try to take it like a water off a ducks, or you may need tougher skin when dealing with your critics. For others of you stay off the comment bar


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