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Some Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Getting Your Partner To Commit Through The Zodiac By Marie Moore

March 3, 2019

Let them lead in the relationship. They like a reliable partner who they can grow with. They love being that power couple. You have to make sure you have your stuff together, or you have a dream in your head because they will like to see your ideas succeed. You need to keep this sign entertained though because, after three to sixth months, they can become easily bored. May I suggest trips, they love an adventure, and sure will keep them interested, if you two fall into a rut. Try not to be to melodramatic, and fall apart on them because to them that a sign of weakness. Allow this sign complete access to your cell phone, computer, and you will quickly gain their heart. They love open and honest relationship; the hint of deception they will be quick to leave.
Taurus :
Once you got this sign in your life, they are all in. They tend to be the cheapstake in the relationship so make sure you have a coupon for date night. They are loyal and will stay in a relationship just as long most of the things you do are free, like walking. You may be waiting a very long time for wedding bells. Because this sign wants the house, and the financial security to support you and them before they commit. If your looking for a commitment this is your sign; if you’re looking for wedding bells and a baby, you may want to freeze your eggs. Did I mention this sign doesn’t like to change? When we start reaching those relationships milestone, your bull can become a stubborn bull. You may want them to think this whole wedding bell thing is their idea. Either have their friends talk about being married life, or because they are possessive and controlling. Let them know that without that ring; they don’t own you. Careful with that because they can play that game too. So try to make it their idea, because if you push them into these relationship milestones, they can leave
Oh boy, they can talk their way right into your heart and have you completely in love with them. They are fantastic at relationships because they have you figured out. They know what buttons to push and what not to push. They can be seriously loyal people when they want to be. Gemini’s can be super controlling and if your a controlling person this may not be the relationship for you. Gemini’s love their freedom, so telling them what to do can be difficult, because they will test you or look for loopholes. They can be super manipulative when they are losing a fight. To keep peace with your Gemini, let them delve into their hobbies, and their own little world, and occasionally let them know that you are still here. I know but if you come off needy that can feel controlling to them. You do have to make things interesting for them. May I suggest an Erotica book and while you guys are doing the deed, make sure to start reading them stories from your favorite Erotica novel. You’ll have them hook and line. Try to find things to do during the weekend, or once a month try to break from your routine and do something fun with them
They love to nurture their relationships. They need constant reassurance from their partner. They are super nurturing and want to settle down. Just make sure they are over their ex or else this can be on again off again relationship. They tend to want to nurture you and take care of their relationship. Sometimes this sign can always seem to have some drama, or they make an issue out of something. If you can go through their up and down roller coaster of emotions than you got yourself a partner for life. WARNING: this sign does not do well during Mercury retrograde, so try to go with the flow
Treat these people like the Lorde and Lady that they were meant to be, and you will have their loyalty forever. Treat them any less and off with your head it goes. You’ll never come back into their fold. People in the sign of Leo deal with male and female energy. Meaning that men see themselves as a King of his castle, and you may have to be the submissive one, for you two can get along. Female Leos’ know they are the queen of their home. The female of the sign makes a perfect lover and know how to treat their partner. Just make sure you allow her to get her way.
The men are harder to get them to commit than women.The women are nurturing and love to take care of their partner. They don’t like to be figured out so don’t ask them too many questions. They don’t like to communicate very much. You may want to listen more to this sign because they can be telling you their likes and dislike, and giving you a warning. They can be very critical of their partner because they love everything to be perfect. Virgo men are typically perpetual bachelor, let him know that you love to learn new things, and you love to share your ideas or try new things. Keep your home neat and organize for him, or act like you are a grounded person. Try to be open and honest with them, but don’t allow them to figure you out. Careful when they start opening up to you because they can leave when they open for you. Yup, not the easiest sign to get tied down. When you do, they tend to want to take care of you
They love, just love them and they ‘ll love you back. Just like Cancer make sure your carebear doesn’t have an ex they still want back. Because this can be a bit problematic. Libra men tend to want to move fast so make sure you set the pace for your carebear, or they will get bored, and find a way to leave. They do want commitment and want marriage for both sexes. They tend to want to take care of you.
Not as bad as Virgo, they tend to be loners and like to keep to themselves. They are loyal don’t figure them out, and make sure they are in a routine. So they have no time looking elsewhere for love. Scorpio’s like to figure other people out, so try to keep it mysterious to keep this relationship going. Let them know you want to be their ride or die. You’ll get them to stay in the relationship. You may have to prove your loyalty so under no circumstance don’t talk about them nor joke about them. They are a super sensitive sign. Here’s the hypocrisy about them, they will trash talk you to their family and friends. Be careful with this sign. For the male Scorpio, the way to treat this water sign. Treat them like another girlfriend. Men tend to act more like women. I’m not dogging the men in this sign. I’m speaking from years of observations and readings. When you start being more about their feelings and empathetic to them, they will stay. Getting them to the alter can take a long time, so you may want to freeze your eggs. They will do a long term committed relationship
Not the easiest to commit PERIOD…Get ready to be open, and I’m talking open relationship if you want this person to commit. Sagittarius women don’t mind committed relationships they don’t need traditional marriage. Just stick to them, and let them be in their own world. Yes, they will tune you out as well as the rest of the world, for both sexes. They can be in a committed relationship; just don’t come off as needy because they can’t stand that emotional stuff. Both sexes of this sign more than likely never open to you, and when they do don’t do anything. They rarely like to be vulnerable and hardly ever show it. If they do the marriage and whole bit then it means their sun is not in the first four houses.
Trust is a big keyword to commit to this sign. Make sure to be like an open book, and they will appreciate it you for it. They do have a checklist in their mind, so before they let you commit to them. Be sure to ask them, what are you looking for in a partner. They are listening to you and going through their checklist. You want this relationship to work, make sure for the men Cappies that you don’t go spending their money. For the women make sure you give them your debit card. For a female Cappy, you are saying so much by giving up your debit card.
Can be loyal and can be in a committed relationship. Female airbenders are a lot easier to be in a relationship than the men. Don’t let them figure you out. Try to keep your love life interesting, and try to keep up with their active libido. With this sign, both sexes need to learn to connect to your partner emotionally. Because they tend to be more about their friends, so make sure you make some time and try to get them to talk about their feelings. Try to get them to let down their walls. Once you get them to connect with you emotionally, airbenders will stay
They love to please their partner, and the can move fast when it comes to love. Make sure to set the pace with them, because this can end up as a hit it and quit it situation. They do get bored very quickly when it comes to love relationship especially long term relationships. What happens they love the begin part of the relationship, when you here your fishy start to complain. Try to kind of recreate that moment for them. Ask them out on a date , flirt with them, or role play. Keep love interesting for your fish and they will stick around for the long haul


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