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daily transit by Marie Moore

July 15, 2019

15-23 Sun is opposing pluto at least the sun is no longer opposing saturn. The sun can’t go retrograde it just returns every year, thank goodness. Luck no longer applies here, this is all about hard work and perseverance which is going to pay off at this time. Pay you dues with this energy.You tend to meet negative, stingy or difficult people until you learn compromise and understanding. You can have some karma going on with your father, son, or husband, or roommate. Mercury is in retrograde so we can always have a different conversation or respond differently. We need to learn to accept our situation, and every situation is temporary. We have a stellium in the sign of Capricorn today, so we can find oursleves tapping into this energy to work on ourselves, and we do well being productive with this energy. For some of us this is being noticed by the right people, and finally getting breaks from all of our hard work. The nice thing about this stellium everyone has a quiet anger meaning they don’t show their cards. But they do kind of take it out on everyone else so watch out!!No one is quick to jump into anything at this time, so don’t get so annoyed when people don’t call you back. Let them mull it and think it through. Your not quick to jump into anything today either. Friends may ask you to come out with them on short notice, and you are going to say NO. Next time give me two weeks notice, or lets play by ear, will be a lot of people’s motto this week.


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