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July 25, 2019

Working on the monthly horoscopes, Pallas with the T-square north node and the south node will end on August 07,2019. Looking into August, we have some longer transit coming in. This week Mars is square vesta till August 13. The ego and a lot like myself are going to get very passionate about their work. The ones, like myself who can’t take criticism can we do something about it. See as an opportunity to remove another layer of the onion to reveal the truth. For others of you, you are more about your freedom. Love relationships or getting your partner to commit can be a challenge. People with their jobs want to be safe, and not rock the boat, or want others to rock the boat. For others of you, you can find yourself becoming a pioneer in your field or a bit of a hermit. There is another longer transit that I will write about tomorrow.


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