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July 26, 2019

A couple more long transit, I’ve found so far for August. Mercury square Pallas from August 01-11 and Venus square Vesta from August 11-19. Mercury square Pallas, Mercury moves into the sign of Leo, and Pallas is still in the sign of Libra. More of a time of equality and fighting for women’s right. We can see me to movement starting back, or sexual allegations coming up in August. We can also find this to be an emotionally tense because everyone wants to be right. Or people want to be correct, but they are going to the extreme like throwing weird tantrums to be correct. You may have lessons with money so check your chart where these signs are at in your natal chart. You may in August deal with the IRS, or handle your responsibilities. You may want to hold till the 11th, so you can get your way with the court or even dealing with financial institutions. Love relationships can be fragile, so make sure to have a different conversation with your partner and not the best time for debating. Venus square Vesta, Venus will be in the sign of Leo squaring Vesta in Taurus. Those of you in media and social media, we can find specific people throwing threats or manipulating the masses through the sob stories because their numbers aren’t up. Or the likes and comments are being taken down; we can have some crazy ideas, or those creators charging now. You need to feel appreciated, and you need your thank you. You can find yourself reevaluating your career decisions, or you may have to delve more into faith consciousness. Remember to help for the sake of helping, For others of you, you tend to be over the top, so watch your spending, or you can find yourself being indulgent. Or you can be more about your freedom, so love relationships can suffer.


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