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July 29, 2019

In ten hours Sun in Leo will be squaring Uranus in Taurus till the 10th of August. Egos will be flaring; everyone wants to be right. Stay off the comment bar because you are just attracting willful people or even stubborn people in your reality. Lots of challenges are going to come from our relationships or with other people in general. You have an opportunity to have a different conversation with the self now. Not take what other people say or do too personally. We are all wanting recognition and growth, some Sun signs an uncertain time for growth with career or is it. I feel with Uranus in Taurus and the planets moving into Virgo. You can see the progress you are making. Unless you have other transits going on in your chart. You can be more about doom and gloom. Surround yourself at this time with positive people. Trust those people who are coming from the right place to give you constructive feedback not those who come with a vendetta or who just want to pretend to support you when they just don’t like you.


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