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August 1, 2019



Try to get all your facts before jumping to conclusions. Because you think, you know but you don’t, so don’t go assuming or calling it just yet. When it comes to your career. You are more of realist. You can feel that you have a handle on your finances or find ways to save or find cheap ways to have fun this week. You can be receiving some much needed good news in regards to career or financial matter working in your favor.

You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. You can find yourself offending internet warriors. OR you can find yourself saying something inappropriate to mix company. You have an easier time seeing things all the way through today. You are the squeaky wheel that gets the grease today. You can be promoting your agenda and saying exactly what you want. For those of you in social media, you can do more to improve your media page or start new creative projects or do something to stand out more.

Expect some minor setbacks, or being dropped out of a contract, and they are going to go with someone else today. You’re not going to be too happy about it and go into self-pity mode. Before you do that, be about the bigger picture because something or someone better will come along today. For others be about the facts because you can find yourself blaming other people for your problems. You can have tunnel vision because you see a minor temporary problem rather than looking at the bigger picture. Step back from your problem and be objective today.

You have a stellium in your second house. You need to be open-minded to the changes that are coming up. You need to be more self-aware of your person and your money. Because things can get stolen, or you may not understand what you purchase online. Or you can find yourself having lessons with money because you are stuck in your way of doing things. You can find yourself throwing a temper tantrum because you are not getting your way. You can be repressing your feelings, and this can cause headaches today. If you don’t want to talk about your feelings than write them down.

♌ #LEO
You can be receiving a pleasant surprise today. Or you are inspired by what other people are doing, and they are broadening your horizons. This is a fun energy time for those of you celebrating a birthday today. So make your wish. You can find yourself taking risk that you usually wouldn’t take it, and you are open-minded to trying new things. Till August 13th, you need to work on keeping your opinions to yourself. Because others can feel like you are attacking them. OR you can be on top of certain people more than usual, so make sure to give other people their space. Till then be self-aware of how you speak to others.

You need to watch your emotional self. You can be either worried or impatient and taking out on others. You can find yourself dealing with office politics, or work can seem more like who you know. You may feel like you are walking on eggshells with certain people because these people can be very sensitive and take what you say personally. Try to put them aside and let them know you are coming from a good place. If they still don’t want to hear that’s okay. They will fall on their face eventually.

When you speak others listen, and you can have great insight on specific situation going on in their life. Or you can be showing the boss how to use a new system coming into work today. Or you do well in crisis situations. For some of you, this is a good time for contracts or negotiations being in your favor. Or you can find the government system or with the court’s help getting you what you want. You have opportunities via the internet to make more money or to promote your social media page or small business.

You can get a lot done with this energy, or be in a better headspace because you are productive today, and you love a routine. You can find yourself getting some luck breaks in regards to career, or things working out exactly as planned. Or dumb luck is kicking in last minute, and things work out in your favor. For others of you, you can find yourself inspired to start a book, promote your agenda at work, or a great time to update yourself with your career. You can be about your social and find this weekend can be very entertaining for you.

An excellent time for the power of prayer, or this can be thoughts become things. Or dumb luck is going to poke its head in. You have an easier time getting your way at work, or speaking your mind. You’ll find others can see your way of thinking and can go along with it. You tend to go out of your for others and help them out in a big way. For some of you, this is an excellent time for small business to pick up. Or you can have the energy to get things done, or start a new creative project. You can feel grounded with this energy because you are more ina routine today.

You can be very creative at this time, and finding ways to enhance other people’s lives. Expect miscommunications because it can seem like other people are trying to play victim, or just take offense to whatever you say. It’s best to stop the conversation as soon as they start taking offense and just walk away. Or be careful how you speak to others because they are going through it and can be looking for someone to fight with. Not giving someone a fight is a lot worse, because than they have to go and look to take that energy out on someone. Or just have a super bad day in general and for the rest of the weekend. While you go on with your day.

Whatever you have planned in your mind may not transpire, and that’s okay. Careful with that pillow talk because you can be saying all the right things, and others can be expecting you to deliver on those promises. And remember that breaking a promise is a forming a Karma. Try to keep sweet and don’t make any promises. Just say we’ll see. For some of you, this is a busy time with career and trying to keep your deadlines today. You can find yourself starting new creative projects. Or you can be trusting your intuition and being at the right place, at the right. You love converting others into a different way of thinking, or you can be introducing other people to new technology.

An excellent time for those of you with small business, or those of you in social media. Definetly a popular energy for the fishy, and someone in power can be taking notice of your work. Or this can be an excellent time for job interviews or getting a job. For some of you, you can find yourself getting a lot done today. You have a better understanding of what you are capable of doing, or you can feel more mature or grown


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