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I’m posting up my natal chart report that I did on myself to show you

August 16, 2019

I’m posting up my natal chart report that I did on myself to show you , what they look like in case you are wondering. Also I use your date of birth time and place with your current location to give more of an accurate interpretation. Because your chart does change when you move. Pluto opposed Ceres

You may experience a strong polarity in your life with nurturing and emotional bonds vying for your loyalty with the transformative journey of self-empowerment. You might find that the price of nurturance and closeness is to give away your power, and/or that your loyalties are torn between mother and spouse. Either or both might attempt to control you, and withhold support if you don t succumb to their control. It is crucial that you find ways to claim your own power and also share deep emotional bonds, otherwise you will live in a constant power struggle that impedes your personal development.

Pluto Sextile Midheaven

This aspect denotes that you are ambitious to succeed and to be a person of some significance in later life. But it also suggests that you have certain talents that will be especially useful in this regard. In particular, you enjoy getting to the heart of any mystery and finding out what is really going on. You are very fond of puzzles, and solving puzzles of some kind may be the basis of your profession when you are older. This aspect also indicates a natural ability in psychology, an understanding of people’s inner motivations, which will be useful no matter what you do. On the positive side, you will discover as you get older that you enjoy helping people who need advice or guidance. This will become more pronounced when you are an adult and keep encountering people whose lives need to be reconstructed in some way. You will derive great satisfaction from assisting in this process. While you are young, you will very much enjoy salvaging discarded objects and making something useful out of them, demonstrating the potential of what others regard as waste. Because of this, you may be surrounded by a great deal of clutter, but the results can be quite spectacular. However, as you get older and begin focusing this pattern on people rather than on objects, a great danger can arise. You gain a great deal of power when you help others – power to influence and to make others live up to what you want. In trying to help someone, always be careful that your main concern is the other person’s benefit. Do not manipulate others’ lives for trivial reasons.

vesta sextile pallas

Pallas Athene in the First:

You are strongly identified with creative intelligence and the fight for justice. You may be an artist, a healer or a political activist. There is a tendency to define gender roles in a different way than the norm, or to be somewhat androgynous.

Pallas Athene in Pisces:

You are compassionate and intuitive, embodying faith and psychic perception in your healing and artistic work. You may be skilled at dream interpretation, guided imagery and meditation. Artistically your focus is ethereal, poetic or inspirational. Politically you are likely a pacifist, demonstrating an enlightened vision of human existence and interaction.


Take the habit of husbanding your resources. Replenish depleted accounts. Avoid waste. Budget wisely and you will find a greater happiness than you have ever known.You are here to transcend base urges: lust becomes love, continual rebirth becomes peace, and jealousy of others’ possessions becomes resourcefulness. Gardening, cooking, music appreciation, sewing, painting, and a hobby of valuable collectibles are all recommended for individuals with north node in taurus. Take an interest in one or some of these. It may help your soul on its journeyYou have a genius for facts and details. You were born with a natural creative intelligence which you should develop through formal education. Avoid unorthodox schools or metaphysical or occult learning. You will also find bad luck in careers or situations which require you to make decisions. Because are always channeling higher information, you are never prepared to make a judgment, for you have that intuitive sense that more facts are on the way. Possessing the North Node in 3rd house placement means you will find happiness in careers which require a great deal of creative mental energy, such as teaching, writing, history, or any other pursuit that demands mastery of a wide scope of details.

Vesta in the Third:

Your area of devotion is communication, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered thus far. There may be some challenge or sense of limitation in your ability to communicate, in order to pressure you into clarifying your thoughts.

Vesta in Taurus:

You work steadily and dependably when in a stable and comfortable work space. You may be fixed in your routines and work habits, but can consistently create tangible beauty, which is of great meaning to you. This is good for artists and sculptors.

Ceres in the Second:

Your concern is to provide the basic material needs; money, food and shelter. You are probably an excellent provider, but need to watch a tendency to be possessive. Your style of self-nurturing may be indulging in luxuriesCeres in Aries:

Fostering independence is your way of nurturing and the type of nurturing you thrive on. You value autonomy and self-determination, and you support those traits in those for whom you care.

ceres quincunx midheaven

Sun Opposite North Node: Major circumstances in your life deny you opportunities and resources for self-expression, especially your leadership ability and power potential. You encounter numerous obstacles in attempting to achieve your goals. Your actions are thwarted by others (this is karmic).

Sun quintile Moon, Sun biquintile Moon

You are naturally creative and find life very interesting as a result, seeing beauty and wonder in things others might overlook or take for granted. Others see you as unique in a subtle and pleasant way. You are often quite graceful and stylish in your self-expression, preferring charm over force, method over madness, and this makes you quite likable. In your dealings with others, you may be seen as talented at putting others at ease.

Sun Semisquare Venus

Gentle charm and personal magnetism. There is a natural sense of discrimination and beauty which excels in music, drama, dance or any artistic profession. There is a love of making connections which is welcomed in social scenes of all kinds and gives easy popularity. Fosters aesthetic leanings with an appreciation of cultural matters. Sensual and refined with a tendency to be easy-going and accommodating.

Sun Opposition Mars

You probably have a view that perceives life as a challenge, a fight between yourself and the world for supremacy, and you adopt this combative and assertive stance in an attempt to prove your self-worth. Underlying this attitude is a clashing of inner energies, which are projected out as shadow-adversaries in the external world, so that arguments, dissention and conflict almost seem to follow in your footsteps. There is little tranquility in your world; it becomes more of a battlefield where you believe you can ‘win your spurs’ proving your capabilities. You are fired by the competitive spirit, intending to win and be number one, although the quality of your aggressive vibration tends to attract similar people into your life, and this can result in power struggles in working or domestic environments. Applying extra force may leave you in a position of superiority, yet can also increase the number of adversaries that you leave in your wake; your genuine friendships can be few if you act in this manner. You have a powerful desire nature, and you easily become fixated on attaining these desires, whether they are lovers, positions of executive status, or whatever, even if your energies are focused only temporarily in such specific directions. These desires can reflect the themes of the houses and signs of Mars and the Sun, and often contain the issues that you feel most combative about. There can be an aura of ‘danger’ surrounding you, possibly with a sexual magnetism and aggressive power that some can find extremely attractive, although this energy can overflow through displays of irascible temper and potential violence if uncontrolled. You are very physically responsive, and will have a developed visual and sensual appreciation of life. You may have to ensure that your desires do not become compulsive or obsessive in nature. In relationships, you may lack sensitivity to others’ feelings and needs, and may need to transform expectations of a partner so that they conform more closely to a realistic appreciation, rather than providing fuel for later disillusionment. A wise choice of partner is required; otherwise your domestic life could become volatile and traumatic; a partner who evokes your higher nature and qualities is probably more ideal than one who just stimulates your passionate and vigorous nature. Finding a suitable companion, who is strong enough not to allow you to dominate, would probably help in modifying your attitude towards life. A danger can lie in a tendency to make impulsive decisions or actions, and then regret them later. It may be that experience eventually influences you to make changes in your style of expression, and this may not occur until later in life, perhaps after the age of thirty and through developing maturity. It is to be hoped that there will come a point when you lessen that driving feeling of insecurity and lack of worth, so that you can recognize your real value and potential. Once that self-imposed pressure to challenge and compete has diminished, and acknowledgement of your performance has been achieved, then new life directions may open. When this occurs take the opportunity to dismantle your combative attitudes, by broadening your world view beyond those limiting tendencies of yours to perceive life in stark black-and-white distinctions. This could develop to include involvements with social causes and pressure groups, where your partisan approach and abundant energies could be put to positive use, providing that you can maintain a balanced perspective on your beliefs and attitudes, and do not attempt a forceful proselytizing or fanatical expression.

Sun Opposition Jupiter

The sun opposition Jupiter shows that you are energetic, enthusiastic, and well-informed in using your creative talents. You know how to put your best foot forward in achieving your ambitions, but you take great chances when you should plan carefully. You assume that people will make way for you as you climb to your goals; when they challenge you instead, you can’t help but be disappointed. You make glowing promises, but you are irresponsible and negligent about keeping them. Your associates call you a fair-weather friend who can’t be found when the going gets tough. You know how to turn on the charm to gain the approval of those you deal with in your daily affairs. It may be, however, that you are not totally honest with yourself and others, for you bend the truth to gain your objectives. You are inclined to make a grand display, playing the successful role, but in fact you are constantly fearful of the competition that may one day topple you from your throne. You need to become totally aware of reality in your striving so that you only take on exactly what you can cope with. Stop playing the confidence game with those around you. They know you better than to fall for it. You cannot afford to lose precious allies for the momentary pleasure of victory. You are enormously talented and creative. These qualities should be directed to such fields as education, the media, business managements, travel, or public relations. You must have self-control in order to obtain the best results in any of these endeavors, as well as a willingness to accept the full responsibility of your position. You must know your limits and delegate others to perform the tasks that go beyond those limits. You are ambitious for recognition, but as you climb to the heights of achievement you should seek counsel. Try not to lose contact with those who may have made your success possible – they will support you if you remember them for their efforts. In your romantic contacts you are demanding and expect to be given just about everything you ask for. Lacking continuity of feelings, you may indulge yourself for a long time before taking a partner. Even then, you will grant yourself privileges that you won’t allow your partner. You need to be constantly on the move, and you enjoy traveling. New places mean new people and new distractions. You must be discreet at all times, or through unexpected developments you risk losing everything you have gained. It is hard for you to believe that such things could happen to you. Slow down, for you have a lifetime to live. Pay attention to your diet and don’t overindulge in food or drink. Plan to take vacations from your daily routine as often as possible to restore yourself to the vigorous health necessary to sustain you in your ambitions.

Sun Square Uranus

The energy of the square aspect can feel highly frustrated and in some cases turn towards a more aggressive and potentially violent form of expression, if there is not a suitable channel for it to be released through. Discovering adequate forms is important to anchor the Uranian energy successfully, so evoking that Sun centre cohesiveness is essential in dealing with the highly charged Uranian energy and is common to all these aspects made to natal Uranus. This is a perpetual Sun-Uranian task. You can be erratic, individualistic, restless and nervously agitated, desiring independence and freedom from all social restrictions. it is even likely that your tendency to dissent can lead you to become socially isolated and alienated from others or radical groups with whom you are in basic agreement. If unmodified, and released indiscriminately, this energy is quite capable of ‘causing trouble in an empty house’. Being the devil’s advocate is a function that can often lead to confusion and loss of self, as eventually you either erode or lose sight of your own attitudes, beliefs or ideals, and this displaces you from strengthening your solar centre. Even if the majority hold a certain opinion or belief, then that alone can require you to reject it and to oppose its validity. From a more inclusive perspective there can be some truth in such a standpoint, as the majority viewpoint is often that of ‘the lowest common denominator’ and can reflect the most separative beliefs and opinions. You can be undisciplined, hating those predictable routines of life and work, often finding it hard to act responsibly and with full commitment. You react against conforming to social rules, feeling that they constrain your freedom, and you often follow your choices, irrespective of the repercussions and costs of doing so. You will probably fail to listen to well-meaning advice, and a stubborn need for self-assertion can lead you towards those very experiences and problems that you were being warned against. If you look honestly at your life, you will observe those times where you misjudged, making foolish decisions and choices often through sheer contrariness and by asserting your ‘free individuality’. Without awareness, no-one is ever free, but is merely a prisoner to their own unconscious tendencies, a prey to them, like playthings of the inner gods. At times you may become a little paranoid, especially when your choices have been unwise, influenced by less conscious and unintegrated forces in your psyche. It does not have to be like that. You can choose to take a more direct conscious role in your life, and not be a victim of your own ignorance. The square can be an aspect of frustrated blocked transformation and renewal; the inner personal revolution that both Sun and Uranus would like to bring is being blocked. These inner tensions can become potentially violent, and need to be redirected into constructive positive channels. You need to release any tendencies towards impracticality, antisocial attitudes and hidden urges for personal power, to stop being antagonistic purely for the sake of performing the adversarial role, and use the freed energies to renew your own life. As is probably recognised, you like others to be submissive to you, yet tend to lose respect for their individuality when they fall into that pattern of behaviour. You need to learn how to respect and elevate their uniqueness because that is the corollary of your ‘trip’ and ‘philosophy’. Emotional depths need to be stirred more, letting those poisons of frustration and emotional conflicts rise to the surface to be encountered and understood, releasing and transmuting them by accepting them as a shadow part of yourself which should be acknowledged and never denied.

Sun quintile Neptune

You are very gifted in subtle perception and intuition, possibly creating visionary art or music. An excellent indication for a musical career. You are unusually gifted in poetry, symbolism and psychic awareness. Spiritual sensitivity and deep compassion are strong traits, and will contribute to your chosen path to recognition and success.

sun square deimos

You can feel a restless energy seeking release, and this inner agitation linked to strong desires can lead to an uneven and eventful life, resulting from the effects of impulsive and sometimes ill-considered actions. You easily become impatient, especially when results are slow in coming, feeling anger and frustration. It may be that certain lessons require learning before your path forward opens. More forethought and planning would be helpful, minimising wastage of energy and restrictive directions, enabling you to plan ahead and form contingency routes to surmount any predictable obstacles. Patience is necessary, so that temporary setbacks do not frustrate too much, and you are able to rely on ingenuity and faith in your abilities to persevere. Sexuality will be a major focus of expression, and your passions will run strongly with this aspect, although there may also be frustrations and constraints facing you. These could range from a lack of a partner, to desiring someone who is unattainable, to falling out of love with a partner. An ideal lover is one who suits your needs on every level, and careful choice needs to be taken in deciding to settle down with anyone, or else you may discover that freedom has been restricted through an impulsive action. The square indicates inner tensions and frustrations related to expressing feelings and taking actions. Conflict may occur when you attempt to direct your will when instincts and emotions are not supportive or are giving contrary signals. you tend to dismiss others’ beliefs and opinions without respectful consideration. This, coupled with a dismissive style which can seem like a verbal attack, succeeds mainly in alienating people.

sun square ganymede

This implies confronting frustrations which have their roots in your nature and attitudes, and which can only be resolved through changes and modifications within yourself. The Jupiterian quality of expansiveness is very potent, stimulating excess expansion in your actions and attitudes, tempting you consistently to overreach your actual capabilities. You may lack patience, planning abilities, self-discipline and persistence, and these will work against your ambitions succeeding, even though attaining your aims may be highly motivating. It is not that you are incapable of success, but that your approach sows seeds of future failure as you pass. If this has happened in your life, then acknowledge it, and realize that future progress can be made if certain inner changes are taken. The first step is to ensure that you determine your intentions and aims, and how you can proceed to accomplishment. As your desires and dreams can be varied and multiple, focusing your path may prove difficult, and you may need to pursue a thorough re-evaluation of your priorities and major needs in order to gain clarity of purpose. Moving too quickly can often lead to failure due to ill-considered plans, so you may need to stop and think more deeply before jumping into action, or pay more attention to the advice of others. A careful assessment of your current capabilities is required, so that they match the level needed for your goals; working with talents tends to expand latent potential, but a requisite level of skills is initially necessary. A more realistic appreciation of time is essential, or else you will feel your frustrations rising if success does not happen quickly. Excessive optimism and enthusiasm may need to be warily reined back, as do restless tendencies for changes in life, which can become more disruptive than helpful unless properly understood. The areas of life especially affected are the houses and signs which are ruled and occupied by the Sun and Jupiter, and it is through those spheres that you may over-expand or seek fulfillment within. If you sincerely wish to transform any pattern of frustration in your life, then becoming more realistic, mature and self-controlled will begin to show benefits, especially if you are systematically disciplined to overcome obstacles as they arise. Accepting that failure need never be permanent, or that success is never final or guaranteed, can offer you a more balanced perspective to view your progress. Modifying your attitudes towards life challenges so that they become opportunities for development and growth, instead of perpetuating attitudes of adversarial conflict imposed by a universe intent on thwarting your dreams, will ensure that every experience can bring something of potential value to use as a foundation for your eventual success. Balance and moderation may need to be consciously developed in your nature and life-style, and extravagance or ostentatious tendencies may need to be controlled due to that pattern of excessive consumption that could be adopted as a compensation for other areas of personal failure. Learning to use your energies and time carefully is important, as you may waste them by futile pursuits. Unlocking latent creative potential may be difficult, yet if you can do so this may open several new doors of opportunity, liberating blocked inner energies and providing the key to future success. In relationships, you may need to guard against tendencies to manipulate people, as this will rarely work to your ultimate advantage; there will always be some other puppet master capable of pulling your strings. Similarly, attempts to distort information for your own aims will equally be turned back against you by others also adroit at such tactics. Treating people honestly and directly is the best approach, and you should possess good communication skills which could be applied to transform blockages and obstacles. You may find that if you rely solely on your ‘luck’ your progress will be restricted; but if you begin to change those problematic attitude areas and approaches then ‘luck’ will begin to flow again in your favor. You have high expectations in intimate relationships, especially centered around the fulfillment of your needs and desires; remember that it takes two to make partnership and marriage, and that there is no law that asserts that your needs are paramount. Real love involves mutual sharing and co-operation, each helping to make the other happy, fulfilled and capable of reaching his / her highest potential; it should not be a one-way traffic. Co-operation and interdependence may need developing, through a diminution of the insistent demands of your ego; otherwise, excessive self-indulgence can stimulate problems of health and corresponding illness. Make sure that your expectations and demands of a partner are equal to your own contribution, and to the degree of commitment and effort that you are applying to make the relationship work.


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