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This is a sample of yearly or a sixmonth report

August 16, 2019

. I use the tarot cards in the beginning and than natal chart. Luck dates or good days for you

I feel the focus is more on your father or father figure in your or this is father’s family, and being more about them. I see a decision coming up but your not making a decision as way to manipulate the situation. Also there is gossip around you so careful with what you say to others. Because it can get back to others very quickly. You can be more about your love life with this energy. I do see a new love opportunity around you. I do see that you benefit through love relationship because they help you thrive. I do see trust issues when it comes from either family member a female, or freenemie from the past. People in your life can be trying to throw you under the bus with certain situations. Keep your paper work, emails or text messages with this energy. This month you need to go more with the flow.
AUSPICIOUS DATES:01,02,06,07,08,11,13,14,15,16,21,22,23,26,29,30
INAUSPICIOUS DATES:02,03,04,05,10,14,18,28
01 Mercury moves into the sign of Scorpio
This is still in your fourth house. You may be doubting many of the ideas you’ve had to date, or the projects you’ve been putting your energy into. The purpose of this transit is to pare down your thinking process, improve your communication skills, and simplify your tasks. You may experience a certain disdain for superficial interactions with others, either because you now view them as unnecessary, fake, or distracting. You may feel a little stiff around people as a result. Others might notice that you are a little withdrawn socially, perhaps sarcastic or negative in your speech, and less available in general. You might be pouring more of your energy into a particular project, study, or course and have little time for others as a result. This is not the best time for presenting your ideas, as you might be finding that others are not supportive of them. However, it’s an excellent period for reviewing, reassessing, perfecting, and improving ideas, projects, skills, and communication so that in the future, you will be more confident about all of these things. Some projects or ideas might need to be left behind so that you can conserve your energy for those that truly work for you, and that you can feel honestly confident about. You are becoming more mature in your thinking, and while you may be swinging to a more negative or critical outlook in the initial stages of this transit, this process may be necessary in order to reach a balanced, mature, and realistic state.
02 Venus in Scorpio
Moves into your thrid house with this energy. You can be very charming or flirty with this energy. You can be very intense with this energy. You can be butting heads with an air sign . I feel this person may need your attention but I feel this person doesn’t want to change . This person wants someone to listen to them talk and someone to dump on at this time. You need to allow others to go through their own changes, and you ask them do they want your advice at this time. Other people may not be intersted in your ideas or your way of doing things. You can be bored in love relationship, or you can be critical of your partner with this energy.You tend to overreact and become defensive, especially in matters of love. Your desire to be accepted often means you allow others to walk all over you. Stress with the opposite sex can make you shy away from others totally or suppress your intense love nature. You must learn moderation in relationships. You have excellent communications skills with a sharp tongue


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