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August 18, 2019



You have the energy to get things done. You can be at a turning point when it comes to career. You are excited about what you see in regards to career. Or you can see where you are going now, and focus on your goals. Remember, the devil is in the details. You may need someone to help you with your plans or putting your ideas into action. You need to do your research, especially when it comes to new projects. Someone can be saying all the right things today. Talk is cheap, so we will see.

You love being productive, and super focus on new projects that you are starting. You are very much the optimist today as certain situations are working in your favor. A great time to delve into certainty and focus on the end result. Turn events can happen today, which opens up new opportunities to grow. Or if you see someone acting out. You use that towards your advantage. You may not be getting along with those who are older than you. For some of you, expect delays or set back because of certain legal documents that you need. Or you may need to double-check before you leave the house today.

You can be excited about reason certain news, but you are not getting your hopes up. Specific situations that require a cool head will work in your favor today. This would be great energy to focus on nagging problems or things you ‘ve been putting off for a while. You have excellent clarity and insight into specific situations going on in your life. You can’t take criticism or other people being on top of you at work. You tend to tune out and do your own thing. Careful with what you are making today or careful certain drugs or alcohol because you can become sick.

You may not be getting along with those in authority. Or you can be confrontational today, or stirring the pot at work or among certain friends. This is your hard work and perseverance paying off, and you can see yourself reaching your goals. You are happy at the rate everything is moving and coming together today. An excellent time for small business to pick up.

♌ #LEO
You are in good spirits today. You have the energy to get things done. Keep your feet planted because you are excited about specific things coming up. Or you are starting new projects today. You can be pouring all your energy into a new project or decluttering your home. This is good news coming up. Make sure to keep your good to yourself and allow whatever is supposed to come in.

You may need to keep your opinions to yourself. Or you may need to ask others can you give them some advice? If they say no, then let it be. People need to learn specific things on their own for their soul’s experience. Your outlook on life is more realistic, and you see certain situations a bit more clearly. Or have better control over specific obstacles going on in your life. An excellent to refocus your energy on your priorities and your goals.

The focus is more towards the women in your life. They can be going through their own drama or needing your attention. You want to help, but you need to realistic on how much help to give. Or you need to learn to give for the sake of giving and not expect nothing in return. Or you need to understand what you are saying YES too. Because whatever is in your head may not be the reality of the situation.

You are determined to get your way today, and I feel that you will. Delve into certainty and focus on putting your energy towards the end result. You can be changing your way of thinking and focusing on your goals and positive things in your life. For others of you, you are working on yourself, and quitting specific habits, or even no longer affiliating yourself with toxic people.

You need to compromise to grow in some regions of your life. You are trying to hold on to parts of your individuality. You need to find freedom in your relationships. Or to make ego smaller allow someone else to control certain aspects of your life. Saturn is conjunct Pluto, you have this theme of letting go and restrict. With your relationships to move forward, you need to let go and stop fighting.

You are refocusing your goals and straightening out your priorities. This is a great time to work on the self. Or focus on getting control of your thoughts, and keeping out the negative thoughts. You can find yourself in better spirits, or being more of an optimist because you see the glass as half full. Keep your thoughts positive or delve into the power of prayer, because you can see sparks of miracles happening today. Or certain situations working out last minute.

You have some mix energy happening today. You have good news coming, or certain things working out as planned. You may not have an easy time getting others on board with your ideas. Or you are not getting along with certain people in your life, especially with family. You may not be getting along with the aries in your life today. This is a great day to work on yourself or start a new routine. Don’t go adding to your routine because you may not make specific deadlines today. You may have to reschedule, or don’t add to your plate.

This can be a new beginning happening, or your financial situation turning around for the better. For some of you, you can see a turn around happening with your career. Change is happening today, so try to go more with the flow. A beautiful time for creating your own reality. When it comes to love. You can be reading to much into what your partner is doing or not doing. I would be careful with this , because you can be just be wanting his or her attention


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