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August 20, 2019




Expect the unexpected in regards to career or career growth. For some of you, online opportunities to help promote your business, or you can have an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for your social media channel. You’re able to focus your attention and direct your actions toward steady and disciplined growth, and can quickly bounce back from any adversity or difficulty. You can plan for the future and make changes that give you more room and space in your life.

A bit of mixed energy. Try to keep the energy humble. I see some accomplishments coming up, but others in your life may not celebrate this milestone with you. Or make as big of a deal as you would like it to be. You want to let down your walls with someone special in your life. But you can be predicting what they will say or do. So may keep whatever you want to say to yourself, and see where the relationship goes.

You can be making a new friend today. This person new person in your life can have a unique perspective towards life, or they can have a unique career. There is something different about this person that attracts you to them. For some of you, you are enjoying your time talking to like-minded people or talking to another adult. For others of you, you love anything new coming. Or you can find yourself being curious about a new person in your life, or curious about specific subjects.

Change is happening today. You are not all for it. Saturn is conjunct Pluto, so you need to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You positive changes happening in your life, but you’re overthinking it. Don’t overthink or try to predict the outcome; just go with the flow today. This is a beautiful time to have more control over your reality. Focus on certainty, and the end result. Allow the changes happening today because they are aligning you with what you want.

♌ #LEO
This is an excellent time for first impressions, job interviews, or even a great time for those of you in media or social media. You have an easier time converting others into your thinking. A favorable time to delve into spirituality. You can feel a strong connection with source energy. Stay focus today, because the ego is out and about and feels the need to prove itself to everyone. Take whatever anger you have today and direct towards something positive that will enhance the greater good. A lion doesn’t listen to the opinions of sheep.

This is good news coming in today, or even faith being restored. This is an excellent time for teachers because you are seeing some positive changes in your children. You can be super competitive either with yourself or with others. You like the progress you are making today. Or you can prove to someone that you were right. You can be receiving recognition or attention for it. For others of you, you can receiving emotional validation about a particular someone, and you were right. Now everyone can see what you were talking about.

This can be prayers being answered or sparks of miracles happening. For some of you, unusual experiences can happen today. For some of you, you have an easier time getting a grasp on your reality. Or you can see people for whom they really are. For some of you, you can delving more into spirituality or coming more into certainty when it comes to what you want. Careful with this energy because you can make yourself an easy target for bullies. Don’t give specific people who are doing the bullying power. You give people too much power in your life today.

You can feel like you are on top of your game because you are getting a lot done today. Or specific things you want to come into your life are coming into your life. This is good news coming in. For some of you an excellent time for those of you in media or social media. Or you can find others look up to you because you seem to have life figured out. This can also be a reconciliation happening with individual relationships. Or you are finally able to put past issues into perspective and move on.

You have an innate sense of social sophistication and culture, and you have a taste for success that attracts you to participate in a lifestyle of success and high achievement. You enjoy being busy, and on the move, a lot can get done in a short amount of time. You can find your DMS full of messages today, or you can receiving attention from someone new. For others of you, this is an excellent time for networking. Because you tend to attract like-minded people or people who are goal orientated.

Expect the unexpected today. For some of you, this can be good news with a loan or property matters, an excellent time for those of you in real estate. Or an excellent time for small business. You can find yourself aligning with your goals. You can attract the right people to help you grow or make things happen for you. Your positive energy is contagious today. Excellent energy for those of you in sales or pitching your ideas. You can experience dumb luck today, or certain situations working out last minute.

Expect the unexpected today, and I feel you can get caught off guard. You can be dealing with karma and attracting weird situations into your life. Not the best day to dive into occult things, or get your juju on. Or careful with your addictive tendencies. Drastic or extreme changes that you make today may not pan out so well or need a bit more thought into. For some of you, you need to be careful you might shoot your pinky toe off today. You may not realize how much you need someone until they are gone. Don’t be so quick on burning bridges
Expect the unexpected today but in a good way. This can be certain situations working out in your favor. For some of you, this is a favorable time for traveling or making plans to travel. This is a good time for business or getting a job today. You tend to attract money-making situations into your life or have an easier time with the law of attraction today. When it comes to love opportunities careful, you can find yourself in the friend zone. An excellent time for networking or you can be inspired by what other people are doing on social media.


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