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August 21, 2019



This is a good time for short trips and anything to deal with communications today. Your thinking is more positive today. Especially when it comes to thoughts of the future, future, future or when it comes to your goals. You are more realistic when it comes to your goals. You can be parring down and concentrating on fewer projects for better quality. You can seem a bit fearless, because certain things that use to bother may no longer apply. You can give clarity and insight to help other people grow. For some of you, you are more willing to share and give others tools to help themselves.

Not the easiest time for love relationships, especially when dealing with the men in your life that live with you. For some of you, this is your parents getting involved in your relationship. Or your partner’s parents may not like you, because of the things that your partner is saying about you. It’s best to keep whatever you two have going on between you two. Don’t talk about your relationship only to your partner, and tell your partner the same. For others of you, your family may not approve of the person you’ve been seeing and can start making threats like taking you out of their will.

You may not be getting along with the men in your life. You may need to give other people their space because this can be power struggles with relationships. Or you may not be getting along with certain family members. After all, you done for them. They can’t even do you a favor. Not the best day for impulse buying or careful making decisions in regards to your money. Also, your values can be changing, and you can find your relationship with specific friends can be changing too. You two may not like the same things. Or you can feel like you outgrew that person.

You can be delving more into spirituality. For others of you, you are original in your way of thinking. You may not be able to handle constructive criticism today. Or you can have power struggles with the people at work. Avoid making promises you don’t tend to keep. You can be talking for the sake of talking. Another person’s loss is your gains. Plans may not come through at this time or work out, so expect a phone call asking if you can come in, or pick a gig today. Or for some of you, you can be invited out somewhere special or fun today.

♌ #LEO
You love being in a routine or feeling grounded with this energy. For some of you, you can find yourself accomplishing a lot today. Or even working on the self, or taking care of your health. A great time to change your habits or your routine.Careful with this energy because you can be guilty by association. The wrong kind of friends can be your downfall. Friends in your life may not say anything, but they can be feeling like you are neglecting them, or even individual family members can feel that you are not giving them enough attention today.

Someone can put you on the spot. On the one hand, you want to help, but also you need to be about what is best for you. You may need to create that boundary because it can be your own lesson happening. With your difficulties of saying NO. You can be taking on new responsibilities, or you can be more attentive to your existing ones today. You have this opportunity today to make certain dreams into a reality. For others of you, this is getting your life back on track, and putting certain things back to order.

I see new beginnings coming your way. Do what you love today, and the money will flow. For some of you, a love relationship can be getting intense, or even your partner can be making it official. For others of you, this is a good time for business deals or contracts to go your way. For some of you, you can be a champion for social causes either in your community, or more prominent social causes. For some of you, you can be feeling more into source energy when you delve into your creativity. For others of you, you can be sharing your wisdom on your social media page, or with your friends.

You can find yourself curious about specific subjects were the people in your life. You could be more outspoken about your thoughts and ideas. You could be sharing your views on social media or even creating a for him to voice your opinion’s and your views. This is an excellent time for networking. Or you could find yourself more out and about. You can be more concerned with your money situation and coming up with money making ideas. You need to learn to open up to others and you need to allow others to be themselves around you. You need to work on moving forward in regards to relationships in general and let it be water under the bridge. You can forgive but you won’t forget.

When it comes to your bigger goals. You need to break them down into what you can do right now. Saturn today is slowing down your progress with the things you want to accomplish. So break it down, and do what you can today. Therefore, you still feel like your doing something towards your goal of getting something done. You are not so quick to jump into anything new. You tend to do your research or make your next plan of action. For others of you, you know how to get to the bottom of things and find the truth. You can catch someone in a lie today. Or you can find mistakes that have been overlooked, or even a loophole you can go through.

Try to divert your thoughts into something more positive, or you may need to give the brain something to do; careful with obsessive thinking about the ex. They are an ex for a reason. Change is happening today, either with you or your partner that can test the relationship. Or you two can talk out and make some compromises during this time. As long as Saturn is conjunct Plut, you are going to be constantly getting rid of something or changing an old way of doing things. You need to be the change, so Saturn conjunct Pluto can stop making these changes for you. Or just learn to go with the flow and accept certain situations.

You need to dial back the masculine energy because you get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar. OR you can be an aggressive salesperson, and people can be turned off by that. You can find yourself fighting with your partner because you can be more about your freedom. Or you need to learn to find freedom in your relationships. For some of you, this can be fighting over control over money. Try to remain flexible today, and try to develop a strategy or compromise with specific people in your life.

Try to be about the facts, or be realistic about what you can and cannot do. You can take on a lot so try to be realistic on how much you can get done. You can feel confident with this energy, or have clarity and insight to a situation. You can be starting new creative projects. Or you can feel touched by what someone made you, or gifted you today. Sharing is caring, but you may not feel comfortable opening to others. Or you can find yourself having an opportunity to allow other people to get close to you, but for some of you that can be too much for you at this time.


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