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August 26, 2019



You need to check yourself today because you can be acting foolishly and this can be your downfall either with career or with your relationship. We can hear on the social media or media of someone famous today acting out, and this can hurt their career. You have the energy to get things done today. You can have an easier time converting people into your way of thinking, or they listen to what you have to say today. For some of you, you need to be consistent with the relationships goals or the rules you created for you and your partner. That something you were going to stop doing or work on. You need to be self-aware of your actions.

You love being in a routine and feeling productive today. You love nurturing confidence and instilling independence into your children. You can be more involved with your children’s activities, and in their schooling. You tend to be fair and do what right today is. You can be sticking up for the underdog in your life, or pulling strings for a customer, and going above and beyond for them. You can be privy to certain information coming in at work, or you can have insight into situations going on life, and you plan accordingly today.

Trust your intuition today. You can have a better understanding of what people are looking for. This is an excellent energy to start new trends, creative projects, or you have insight into your situation at work. For others of you, you can be banking on specific situations to come through for you today. Or you can be idealizing individual relationships or past relationships. Or you can be reconnecting with a frenemy, and rehashing the past with them. You can have a fighter spirit and go after what you want. You are not scared to argue with others or say what’s on your mind. You can be asserting yourself with others and creating your boundaries with them.

You can have more faith in your future, or you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to specific goals. Careful with those new friendships, because you are putting that person on a pedestal. You are doing too much in your giving when they probably don’t deserve it. Dial back on the giving because this can be your intuition giving this person a partying gift. You can be very creative today, or you can find ways to work smarter, not harder. You can be playful today, and you love cracking jokes with others, or you can find yourself watching more comedies today.

♌ #LEO
You can be rehashing old fights in your mind. Use this energy to process the emotional tar coming up and let it go. For some of you, these are events in your life where you had to be strong, and you can be trigger by certain situations going on now. You can be reliving all over again. You are in a new situation, so try to keep it moving forward today. Try to allow whatever is bothering and just let it go. Because you need to be more about your positive energy today. Because you have a water trine happening today. For some of you, this energy can allow you to put things into perspective and move on.

You can find yourself having an easier time getting along with others. For some of you, the focus can be more towards your home. Making it feel like a home, or you can be starting new creative projects. Your way of thinking is fanciful now. For some of you, this is starting new literary projects or new art projects. You are more motivated to gain control over your life. You are in a position today to gain more power. Keep your eye out for opportunities. For some of you, you can find certain documents at work that have been missing. Or you can find certain errors that have been going on at work or lost items today.

For some of you don’t want to waste your time on certain things or people to do. You are determined to get your way, no matter what. For some of you, you are more aware of how things work, or the process you must go through. You don’t allow anyone to stand in the way of what you want. You are attracted to people who seem to have their stuff together. For those of you in high school or late teens. You prefer to hang around the older crowd because they seem more mature or cool to you. You have a better grasp on reality. Or you can find certain things you were worried about can be working themselves out in your favor.

This can be a positive time for communications or good news coming in for you. For others of you, this is a popular energy time for the media or social media. For some of you, this is a positive time for traveling. You can have the opportunity to meet new people. For some of you, you need to focus on what you are doing. Because you are happy for certain people, but you wish the same for yourself, which can cause depression. For some of you, this energy brings about change, either a move happening to a different country or traveling. For some of you, you need to watch your way of thinking because you can be longing for change today.

Expect the unexpected today. You can have a transformative experience which is going to change your way of doing things or change your perspective in regards to your outlook on life. This can be dealing with loss and separation. You can find yourself reconnecting with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or you can wanting to mend relationships. For some of you, you can feel proud of yourself or accomplished because you are getting life back on track. Or you have specific situations under control.

Rather than reacting to adversity, you are motivated by your obstacles and challenges. You can be original in your way of thinking or starting new creative projects, or you can be inspired by what other people are doing. You need to watch your emotional self because it can be dictating your career situation or money situation today. You can be lucky in unexpected ways today. You can find yourself receiving more attention than usual. For some of you, who are in your teen years, all eyes on you today. Could this be a new love relationship happening which has everyone at school talking. Or can the other kids be trying to get you two together.

You can have some difficult decisions to make when it comes to your relationship. You can find someone new, and having a difficult time breaking it off. For others of you, you can find yourself wanting to get back into the workforce instead of being at home. The dilemma here is who’s going to watch your kids? You can be over certain situations in your life, and you can be wanting to change things up. But you can be going about it the wrong way, or you didn’t think it all through. You can be more about your spiritual life, or a good time to delve into the law of attraction.

Your playful energy today can inspire you and bring out your creativity. You have great focus and discipline to achieve your goals. For some of you research into new projects or situations. Remember, talk is cheap, and someone can be saying all the right things to get you on board with their ideas. You can be disappointed because you can find it still needs work, or whatever you thought it was going to be. Is not the reality of the situation. Before you leap, make sure to look.


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