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August 27, 2019



Look before you leap or plan things out before you do it because you can be getting ahead of yourself. For some of you, you can be announcing your good news, before it even comes to fruition. Try not to jump ahead of yourself. Allow your good news to first come in and then announce it. For others of you, this can be new things happening at work, or changes at work happening that is getting you excited today. For those of you in school, this can be changes in your class routine or events happening that provides a much-needed break from your routine.

You are not afraid to stand up to bullies or say what other people are scared to say. You can be avoiding certain people at work. It’s best today that you focus on your work, and what you have already accomplished because you can be too hard on yourself today. For some of you, you can be making plans to travel. For others of you, you tend to get along with those in authority. Your expectations and outlook on life are more realistic. Those of you in school, you may not allow other people to bother you and just ignore them. Or you don’t allow your emotional life to get the best of you.

You may need to be adaptable to certain situations, or you may need to be on someone else time today instead of your own. For some of you, this is your hard work paying off, and you are receiving recognition at work. Or those in authority can be curious and ask you if you want to grow with them. For others of you, the right people in the entertainment industry are noticing your work and wanting you to work with them. Or this can be on the social media, and your work can be receiving attention from important people.

For some of you, try to keep it honest today, or be on the right side of the law. You can be getting rid of things that no longer apply to your life and causing waste or is a waste of your time to be doing. You can be quitting bad habits as way to save more money. Or dropping individual subscriptions on the social media that you paid as a way to save. Focus on you today, because you can feel frustrated when it comes to career, and you can be looking for recognition at work, or you can be annoyed that you got passed up for a position. For others of you, you may not be too trusting with certain friendships, or you can feel like certain people don’t have your back. Don’t go blabbing to friends.

♌ #LEO
You do really well today when people just leave you alone and allow you to do your thing. The less restrictions, the better. You love to nurture your relationships. You can feel like you live a charmed life today. For some of you, where ever you go today, you tend to make it feel like home. For others of you, you can be renovating your home, which can get your creative juices stirring. You need to be careful with your obsessive thinking. Try to put whatever your obsessively thinking into perspective and work on moving on.

For some of you, this is good news with a move. Not the best time correcting other people, because they won’t listen to you. For your peace of mind, tell someone or allow them to fall on their face. For some of you, you have an easier time grasping a new concept or any easier time understanding what’s going on in school. This can be an exciting time for anything new coming through. But before you take a big leap of faith, understand what you are jumping into. For others of you, you know exactly what to say to get your way. For others of you, this is starting new creative projects or trusting your intuition, and being at the right place at the right time.

You need to give people space because you can be on top of someone. Or the way you speak to a specific person can sound like your being fault-finding or watching them way to closely. Step back and give others their space, or be proactive and have a different way of correcting them. For some of you, say something once and allow someone else to correct that person. Don’t allow another person’s actions today to ruin your peace of mind. You can be very creative and starting new projects. You are very good at problem solving. Or you can see how to improve upon existing systems or structures. You can be finding solutions to certain problems.

Commitments you make today are going to be a long-lasting one. You can have a mind for business. Or you can be confident when it comes to your plans. OR taking your job a bit more seriously. For some of you, this is an excellent time for test-taking, or you can be updating yourself with your career. You may enjoy talking to those who are older than you, or you can be talking to a business mentor. You can have certain subjects figured out or people. For some of you, you can be privy to secret things going on at work.

You benefit through mother today. For some of you, you can be delving into your spirituality. Or you can be curious about certain people in your life. Or you can be trolling on your crush, and checking them out. For some of you, this is getting a loan or certain financial matters working out in your favor. For some of you, you can find yourself being kept overtime when you were supposed to leave. You can be annoyed at those who keep. Especially if you’re watching other people’s kids today.

You can count on that one person today to have your back, or emotionally support you in your decisions. Your positive energy today helps you attract positive situations. For some of you, this is a popular energy time for you. You may want to intiate change that gives you more room to grow. Some people have a difficult time seeing your way of thinking. Or you can be having an ephinany or message from spirit that makes sense only to you today.It can be a busy day today but slow and watch how you speak to others. OR you may want to becareful because you can be a bit absent minded.

This can be a great time for business, getting a loan , or getting your money situation under control.You can be trusting your intuition and starting new creative projects. For some of you, you can feel a psychic connection to a new place or even looking at house, you can feel connected psychically to that area. You can find a way to be seen more, because your unique style or taste helps you get seen today. Or important people are taking notice.

You have an easier time getting right to the heart of the matter. Or you have the ability to heal from past situations because you understand the reason why you had to go through that experience. For some of you, you can be focusing on your relationship goals, or spending more time with your partner. You jump on to any new trends happening. Or you can be updating your website or learn ing about new technology or using new technology or techniques for your career. You tend to be more about your freedom now. You can find yourself stopping certain things so you can focus on you


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