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ARIES WEEKLY HOROSCOPES 07-13 October 2019 Tarot/ Astrology FOCUS FOCUS

October 6, 2019

#generalreadings #marsinlibra #venusinscorpio

The winner of this month free email reading raffle is @Alesia Lovee

The winner of this month free email reading raffle is @Alesia Lovee


You have to subscribe to my youtube. You go through the live stream, and you go to super chat and put in the amount of $5. And then it will pop up on my screen, and it automatically shows who pays and first come first serve. If you can’t go through super chat than I will give my Gmail during the live stream so you pay through Paypal. Or just go on my community and pay through the donation. It has to be in the amount of $5. Or else I will not read you. Again you have to subscribe to my channel to get the mini. And no unsubscribing because I won’t read people next time, and also at the end of the month, I will do a free email reading for one lucky subscriber every month. This also applies to people I’ve read. During the weekly video’s type in hashtag #FreeReading. I will add you to a raffle. At the end of each month, I will announce the raffle. If there are any more questions than just watch one of my weekly videos and listen to how they did it. Also when I go live aka start doing the videos. I will announce the day before and the day of . That everyone has a chance to get a mini reading or to be added on to the raffle. Each weekly horoscopes you can add yourself to the raffle #FreeReadings

Days off are: Saturday and Sunday


I have a new website to be items, and will be adding more because its fun, and also available for readings and reports to help you navigate your way or figure yourself out so check that out. Help your girl grow by liking, subscribing and sharing, your viewership is important to the channel

For items like cell phone covers:


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