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  1. Hi Marie
    I would be very interested in a reading but don’t have a specific question as such as I have too many!. Do you do a general overview reading for next 3-6 months or so?

  2. glenn permalink

    Hey beautiful I found it. I would like for a reading on the phone.

  3. Helllo I would like to know if you would do two questions. ? Thanks.

    • Yes by email or over the phone or skype it’s up to you
      email it’s twenty dollars per question
      and phone or skype 3.50 per minute thank you

  4. Sandy permalink

    Should we litsen to sun sign only or moon sign and rising signs are also important?

    • It depends how close is your sun sign to your rising sign, and how close is your moon to your rising depends what house they are all in

  5. glenn permalink

    Ya I am in Utah could you do a reading later this week?

  6. Holly Rae permalink

    Please let me know if I can do a phone reading without being able to skype or if I need to do an e-mail reading instead. Not too tech savy. You are a gift. Love, respect and gratitude.

    • I can make phone calls using my skype, but it’s only for the continent of north america, you give me your phone number and I call you on my skype

  7. sheena harris permalink

    i think ur amazing how much for a email reading?

  8. SRC permalink

    Hi, My sun sign is gemini, moon sign is capricorn 27 degrees and rising is libra 12 degrees. what reading applies to me. Could you please direct me. Thanks a tonne.

    • We can do telephone,skype or email i use natal chart and the tarot thank you

    • Virginia Lee permalink

      Hi Marie —

      You do a wonderful job on the daily/weekly horoscopes. Helps me a lotl

  9. I am looking for an Astrologer that can do an Astrology reading that is Horary. And possibly on a missing person!

  10. Liliana permalink

    HI Marie, I have no paypal account, can I make the payment by Mastercard?

  11. melamie permalink

    Hi Marie, i just want you to know i think your amazing and i love the weekly tarot readings!

    • Why Thank you so much glad you like them, blessings

    • Soledat permalink

      Me too I would like to tell Marie that your monthly and weekly predictions are so exact and positive and after I read them I feel myself full of energy and ready to go and nothing can stop me on my way to happiness. I am a Capricorn, female.

  12. marie im new to all this but out all readings ive seen yours is the best and great thank you i hope to get areading from you soon debra

  13. Alicia permalink

    Hi Marie,
    Does your a year astrology report include Tarot readings as well? Most of your predictions use both methods. Thanks.

  14. Hi Marie,
    You have wonderful energy–how do I set up a reading using Paypal?

    • my paypal account is my email address under consultation,just email if you would like a reading
      Thank you,
      Marie Moore

  15. Carol permalink

    I watch all your video readings and I think your great. Which tarot deck do you use for the video readings?

  16. micheal permalink

    Please let me know if you can get me three lucky numbers from (1-90) to play lotto game here in Nigeria

  17. Barry permalink

    I am in Auckland, New Zealand. How do I go about asking you one specific question?…I have a credit card I can use.

    • That would be an email reading it’s twenty dollars per question, I just need the one question, your date of birth time and place, all my transactions are done by paypal my account is my yahoo email address you can find that under consultations thank you

  18. Holly Rae permalink

    Marie, If I choose the e-mail question option, how much info do you like to have in addition to the astro birth data? Also, I would prefer to speak with you personally if possible. Is there a way to gauge length of time generally spent on questions (ballpark) as I need to have my finances in place. Does it work to confirm an approximate amount of time like 30-45 minutes? Please advise!

    Blessings, Holly Rae

    • Just the date of birth , time and place and the question, and if you would like to speak we can set up a phone reading or skype reading 3.50 per minute
      Thank you ,
      Marie Moore

  19. Hi Marie, writing with high gratitude for your insights!
    I had emailed you to know about personal readings. Very keen to hear back…should I post the email message here (in this blog)?… warm wishes, V

  20. Re-sent email Marie
    Looking forward to hearing further.
    Thank you

  21. Hello Marie, gentle follow-up note on my email to you and interest in a personal reading.
    Warm regards.

  22. No – that’s not my mail 🙂 .. (interesting that discount being asked). I had basically written to ask how to go about a personal reading and what is covered. I can forward the email once again. Regards

  23. juan permalink

    I have a question to ask but where to i enter to pay the 20.00???

  24. Thanks for doing the Horoscopes every month. I’m an Aquarius and find you to be absolutely, knowledgeable, delightful and refreshing in your delivery of astrology.

    It’s so important to work with passion and purpose in our lives. You resonate that vibe through you videos, along with a carefree sense of humor.

    Thanks again for putting a smile on my face.

    Susan Sahady

  25. Rose permalink

    First, let me say that I really enjoy your weekly & monthly readings.

    I want to enquire about your six month astrological report. Is it computer generated? Do you do tarot cards along with it? In short, what does it consist of?

    • I use your chart and the emphemris I write these out , if you would like I could use the tarot cards , it’s like a horoscope but base on your chart

  26. Were is the video. For the weekly aries 17th September, its missing on your YouTube horoscopes???

  27. I do have an aries video it’s5.95 per month if you would like to watch them, I’ve had to many dislikes and critics for my free videos , so I decided to charge for the aries for now

  28. Lily permalink


    Love your readings. How long does it take to receive a reply for the email question?

  29. Lily permalink

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll be in touch next week.

  30. Thank you so much

  31. I’m sorry if you put yourself as one of the followers how about you unscribe, or press the unfollow button

  32. Loretta P permalink

    I enjoy your readings every week and they are truly accurate… God bless you for your generous heart…I am a leo and a breast cancer survivor also so please if you can for its October if you can tell us girls how our health will be too..thanks and god bless

  33. Nancy permalink

    Here is something that may help you get some rest.
    ¼ teaspoon Cayenne
    ¼ teaspoon Ginger
    1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar (an organic one, like Bragg’s, is preferred.)
    2 Tablespoon Water
    1 Tablespoon Honey (use a locally produced raw honey, if possible.)

    Dissolve cayenne and ginger in cider vinegar and water. Add honey and shake well. Take 1 Tablespoon as needed for cough. Hoo-wee.
    Note: this doesn’t dissolve perfectly. Always shake well before using.

    If you make this in small batches as the recipe is written, there is no need to refrigerate.
    If you prefer, you may refrigerate this. It keeps as long as you need it. I like to make small batches (it is so easy to mix up.) and use it up in a just a few days.

    From a mother of six children
    Hope you are feeling better soon

  34. Lolita permalink

    HI Marie I have question before i submit you my questions 😉 Do you need name, dob, time if I want an accurate answer? The questions is more towards someone else, so do I need the name, dob and time of this person?

    • it would help with the answer I need you date of birth , time and place, and the question, and if it’s about someone else it helps to have that same information to so I can see what ‘s going on in there chart, if not it’s okay too, then just the question and I’ll use my tarot and oracle cards
      Thank you,

  35. Lolita permalink

    Thank you marie 🙂

  36. Isabel permalink

    Hi Marie
    I would like to know how does it works when it comes to asking a question , I know it says $20 dollars per ? But where do I put the question and do I go about paying the $20.
    I hope u know that I really really enjoy ur scopes especially ur tarot reading and always looking to see wat u have new but anyways please let me know cause I’ve been throu a little discomfort and I want to ask ask u at least 2 questions about something that’s going in wit me and see wat u can advise me on . Thank you very much and I hope to hear soon from u . God bless



  37. hazen permalink

    thank you marie moore

  38. macjack permalink

    What are your?, Entertaiment purposes only, must be 18

    • yeah it’s called protecting my butt because little 13 year old will call and use there mother’s credit card

  39. hi marie i love ur horoscope forecast for the month of u have a are u in canada..

  40. Marie you are amazing! I have recently found you and love, love, love your readings. I want to have a reading via skype, but i am currently unemployed. as soon as i can scrape together some $$ i will contact you for a reading…hope a job comes soon. blessings and hugs. 🙂

  41. fran permalink

    Hey, found your blog!
    I’m curious if you do relationship/partnerships scopes and the price 🙂 I do not have paypall either, so is there another way? I live in europe.

    • I posted how you can pay with out paypal, it sounds like you have question about your relationship we can do an email reading for twenty dollar per question, since it’s a relationship question start with one question
      You can still send a payment to paypal with out an account,I feel it protects me and the person

      Choose the PayPal payment option on the merchant’s site. You may need to click a separate button labeled “Check out with PayPal” or choose PayPal from a drop-down or selection menu.


      Click the “continue checkout” link under the section labeled “Don’t have a PayPal account?”


      Input the credit card information and your personal information into the fields provided. Submit the information and follow the on-screen instructions from the business to finalize the order.

      Read more: How to Use PayPal Without Opening an Account |

  42. Taofik permalink

    Your forcast is fantastic Marie

  43. This is exactly the 3rd blog, of urs I actually checked out.

    But I like this particular one, “CONSULTATIONS | moorehoroscope” the most.
    Take care -Yolanda

  44. Noteeee permalink

    Hey Marie:
    I wanna do a specific question on somebody by Email. I was wondering what Information I should provide from that person??

    • Okay well I would need both your date of birth time and place, as well as the other person date of birth, time and place, if you don’t have it that’s okay

  45. chrissy permalink

    I love to ask your advise on a issue I’m stuck on please x

  46. Stacee permalink


  47. Nicole Hall permalink

    I absolutely ADORE you! I have been watching your videos for almost a year now! You have definitely predicted my whole week every single time. Not once has it been wrong. I look forward to your readings every Sunday. Hoping one day Ill get a personal reading. Best of luck with Benjamin the new addition to your family.

    Sincerely, Nicole

  48. Scottt permalink

    Can you tell me all that has gone down with 2 people together since june of 2011? There dates are July 23 165 and June 5 1990 I feel that theres ben alot of crazy stuff even karma but them people dont even well the gemini shows anything thats happend since then like they keep everything quite Thanks Ms Moore love your readings on Youtube Scott

  49. Hi Marie,

    I love your videos monthlies and weekly. I notice that you stated that you were doing your two questions reading for $20.00. Does that mean that for two full questions we only pay $20. I am looking to have a two question reading. Do you take paypal also?

  50. Fernanda permalink

    Ok if I want the email question reading how should I do it send it in a private msg??? Sorry I’m new on this and I’m not really good. Oops

  51. Irene newton permalink

    Hi Marie!
    Your Capricorn weekly/monthly readings are great &holy cow you couldn’t be any truer… Grrrrr! I’m trying my hardest to heal (cant use swear words!) hopefully things turn around.
    lol 🙂 continue on!

  52. Rini permalink

    Hi Marie. I would like to try the 2 questions for $20. How do I get started? I can see the paypal link but it doesn’t any give any options to choose the readings.

  53. olga permalink

    Hi what if you dont know your exact time?

  54. Hello 🙂 I am interested in getting an email reading for 1-2 questions. How should I get in contact with you? Thanks!

  55. Norma permalink

    Hi Marie
    Your weekly reading have really help me deal and understand all the mood changes in my family thank you for keeping the peace in my home..

  56. Ramani permalink

    Hi Marie,

    Just a heads up that I will be emailing you with a question shortly. Should I use your gmail address above as your paypal address? What all do you need from me to answer my question? Only one question right? I am asking because way at the top, you say one or two questions for $20.

    • just click the blue paypal button, I need you date of birth time, and place, and the date of birth , time and place of the other person . It’s up to you are you asking one question or two because you can’t hold your second question to a latter date

  57. Ramani permalink

    Sorry Marie, I’m entirely confused by what you mean when you say I cant hold my second question to a latter date? What date? Also, are there testimonials somewhere that I can read by people who have had readings by you? Just curious. 🙂

    • Exactly that , some people think because it says two for twenty it means I’ll use my question for another time ,no it gets to confusing for me to do that, no I dont have one

    • it’s exactly what that means, because I receive to many email readings , and people think they can hold the second question to a latter date, no I don’t have any testimonials sorry, we don’t have to do this reading

  58. Ramani permalink

    Wow, I am not sure why you are so defensive. I dont know you so I was just asking as today is my first interaction with you. You must deal with a lot of people who cause problems but I am not one of them. Your responses are very unclear and not well written so I was asking for clarification. “exactly that” is not a good answer, it is snarky. If you are a professional, then please act like a professional. The way you talk and respond is very unprofessional. No need to get so defensive, I was not trying to criticize in any way.

  59. you can go to
    Thank you,

  60. Christine permalink

    Hello, I’m kinda new to your YouTube channel… I do Subscribe & love your happiness!!!!
    What is the 2 for 20? What does it mean?

  61. Christine permalink

    Also is Skype on iPhone reliable?

    • If you do Skype on Iphone you cant see my face is what people complain about so it’s just a phone reading

  62. Merryn permalink

    Hi Marie. I did the paypal for two questions. I put birthdate info etc. in my message to you, but I didn’t give you my name. (It’s different from my paypal info b/c I had a name change recently.) Do you need my name to do the reading? And did I send my questions appropriately? Or was I supposed to wait to hear from you first? Thank you. Merryn

  63. hi marie, i have two questions i would like to ask you. how do i get an email reading?

    • Pay first on the paypal underconsultation is where you can find it the paypal button, once payment has been made I’ll send you an email verifying it , and I will need your two questions, with your date of birth, time and place, because I use both the natal chart and cards thank you

      • done. I have made my payment. please check.

  64. melissa permalink

    i would very much like an email reading

    • Pay first on the paypal underconsultation is where you can find it the paypal button, once payment has been made I’ll send you an email verifying it , and I will need your two questions, with your date of birth, time and place, because I use both the natal chart and cards thank you

  65. Marissa Nicole permalink

    Hello I was considering doing a reading but when I read threw it you said you need your full birthday time and place, but I was adopted so I do not know the time I was born, can I still get a reading done?

    • date of birth and year is fine, and you know what time you moved to your current location or a rough estimate , city and state or country of your current location is fine

  66. Candy permalink

    I would like a reading by e-mail. One question, how do I proceed? Thx

  67. Candy permalink

    How soon would u be able to reply?

  68. Candy permalink

    Payment sent under my Paypal name

  69. Candy permalink

    Payment was sent under cookies108@
    I hope received it. Sent also my question. Pls advise
    If u didn’t receive it. Thx. Candy

  70. Christine permalink

    Thank you Marie….. Thank you for all you do!!!! You have gotta be one fast typist…. To get everyone’s Q’s answered😊
    Or your family would miss you!!!!
    Thank you again
    ~soft hugs💋

  71. lovelotusblossom permalink

    hi marie, i don’t have a specific question, but i’ve certainly spent alot of money on psychics over the years and your recent post about fakes has me reeling! most recently i had a reading with madalyn aslan that cost $300. and nothing she said manifested. nothing. i would like some guidance but am not sure which of your services would be best? i’ve been in a long transition over the last forever and i would love to even know what to ask! help! thanks marie

  72. scsirain permalink

    For the $20 reading, if it’s relationship related question with another person, will you consider that as 2 questions or 1 question? Thanks.

  73. scsirain permalink

    Question re the $20 reading:
    If the question is relationship related with another person, will you consider that as 2 questions or 1 question? Thanks.

    • That consider one question, but if there’s more questions after that then it’s 20 per questions or the two for twenty

  74. suzana permalink

    how can I do Skype reading I need to book a reading through Skype please let me know.

    • Tuesday anytime because my husband doesn’t work that day and he can watch Benjamin, let me know if this works

  75. suzana permalink

    ok when are you available for me to do a Skype reading. I live in uk? my name is suzana. please let me know when is suitable.

  76. Hi. Your youtube video had a link for readings. Is it post here if you would like an email reading?. I would like a two for twenty email reading. I can pay by pay pal. How/where do i do this?. How far do these go into the future?. My two questions would be love and career. Thanks! Kim

    • pay first on paypal, and once I receive payment I will give you a message letting you know I’ve received the payment, I look as far as the beginning of next year and depends on the question I can look deeper

  77. Rebecca permalink

    Hello Marie, I paid for a 2 for $20 on Sept 2. I have not heard anything back from you, wondering if email of payment got lost.

  78. Mary Kincaid permalink

    Hi Marie, You gave me an important reading in my dream last night… This morning, I listened to your Leo September 9th 2013 horoscope and you mentioned YOU have received readings from people in your dreams. Weird right? I’m freaking out a little about the whole thing and wonder what you think!? Can I rely on the information in my dream or is it just my own subconscious making up stuff in an attempt to work out my issue. Lol… Thank you, xxoo

    • It depends sometimes we misinterpret dreams because we want to see what we want to see,and other times we are being shown what we still need to let go , like ex loves, it shows are regrets, and should have would have could of

      • Mary Kincaid permalink

        Wow, okay. It was about letting go how did you know. I know! YOU are a psychic! It was about letting go and you specifically told me to let go. This isn’t I love interest however. The dream was amazing and you were very kind and generous as you are. Thank you for your response. xxxx Let’s set the bar high!

  79. Ash permalink

    Hey, you have already done multiple reading on me. I wanted to talk to you about some things you said but from what I understand you email was hacked. Do you have a new email I can email at? I don’t feel comfortable publishing what I have to say/ask as a comment. Thank you.

  80. jennifer jarosik permalink

    Marie. Loved your latest you tube. I will help u when I can if u help me thru this ruff period. I am renting a room at georges in malibu. Been here 10 days. Am I to stay or go. If I go. To ungenit a s or demians? Or stay for how long another mnth. More? Will I get work soon? I am a writer. Documentary film maker. Was told creativity is my thing and would b a leader w a following? If so I help women. Single mums. As I am away frm my son right now. Also brandon howard. Will we b together more serious soon? Please call me. Jen 646 284 3597. Thnks so much

  81. Hi Marie, you have been on target for me. I’m an Aquarius. I would like to have four questions answered. However, I do not do Pay pal. Is there anyway I can send you a money order via snail mail? Please write to me at thank you

  82. Bobbie permalink

    Marie, my spirit and intuition led me to you. Someone has placed some type spell on a friend and has tried placing one on me. I have encased him and myself with the white light of the holy spirit as protection. I have spoken with him about it with no success. He doesn’t believe in that type stuff. I believe this is because of the spell his mind won’t hear of it. I don’t engage in any type Spell casting but no it does exist. I’m just wondering what i can do on my part to help him.

    • Sorry I dont know how to do any of that,if someone cursings me let them. I’m sure people put shit on me all the time, just pray for you and him,personally I don’t put any energy on the negative things happening to me, because that which you give attention to will continue to happen, and wont leave

  83. Glynnis permalink

    I aplied for two jobs. They are both at hospital s for case manger social worker. Do you see me getting one of these jobs. The first one is at Trinity Hospital and the other is a Georgia Regents Health. If you do see me getting a position do you see happy with the money there?

  84. Veronica permalink

    Hi Marie, what if I don’t know the time I was born? Will I still be able to get a reading from you?

  85. Veronica permalink

    And the reading will still be accurate? Thanks

    • yes because I’m using the tarot cards and what ever it is your thinking about it’s going to show up in the cards

  86. Michael permalink

    Hi, I am curious about a friend of mine and where we are going. Would you be able to do a reading on that?

    • Yes , if you know the other person date of birth , time I can see how you two are together as well

      • Michael permalink

        Ok where do I send the info and payment and how much info do you need on the current situation as things are in a very odd place right now.

      • Check my consultation for options to choose from and then click on the paypal highlighted in blue

  87. Jenn permalink

    Hi Marie have too many questions by any chance do u do a general?

  88. Jenn permalink

    How u charge & thanks

    • I use paypal for my all my transaction , if you are using checks know that you’ll receive the reading when the check clears. The paypal can be used in my consultation area in the highlighted word paypal

  89. Nancy permalink

    I love your forecasts and would love a reading if you have a special please otherwise I would like a card one. Thank you.

  90. Nancy permalink

    hi i love ur videos and am interested in a email reading. . Thank you

  91. Tanya permalink

    How can I set up an email reading with you?

    • Just pay first and then I will confirm that I receive payment , you can go to consultation and click on the highlighted paypal button
      Thank you,

  92. Irene newton permalink

    Hi I would like to do the oracle email reading. I know its 1 question/$20 to pay by PayPal but where do I put my question? When I supply my email address on paypal is that the email you reply back to? If my question is regarding a relationship are the birthdates ok? Sorry I’m sure you get asked this a lot.

    • when I receive payment I send you an email asking what your question, no I don’t need the date of birth

      • Irene newton permalink

        Ok sent 🙂 I figured it out.

  93. Devachand Gali permalink

    Hi Marie, I am in India , would like to go for Natal chart interpretation and advise to remove blockages. I guess you will make the chart first and interpret the same. How much do you charge and what details do you need from me to make the chart.

  94. Hi I was wondering how I can get a reading

    • in the consultation section there are a list of options, on what kind of reading you would like, pay first and then will go from there

  95. Devachand Gali permalink

    Hi Marie , I made the payment of $75 . My date of birth is 28th November 1971 , Time of birth is 11:05AM and Place is CHITTOOR, INDIA . Do you need any more info please let me know.

  96. Irinati permalink

    Hi Marie:
    I would like to do an email reading.
    which email do I use to send you a payment via paypal? Which one do I email my question at? or

    thank you

  97. Irinati permalink

    I just sent you a payment and an email with my question. thank you.

  98. I would like to schedule a question reading I’m also a new customer will that be $20.00 also could I do the reading Monday!

  99. Would like a one question reading I am a new customer so would that be $20.00

  100. Okay and what is the oracle card reading

  101. jennifer jarosik permalink

    Are u the marie moore on you tube. W tarot and baby? Happy nnew year. I really am goin thru it. Can see where to live or b for now. Am on maui. Supposed to return to l a today. Neither feels 100 percent. I need to heal. Pts. Ground. Sleep. But my sons in nebraska. My sister took him. Can u please assist me get clear on this? Career I always wanted to act. Sing. But I write. U can u tuibe unveiling to rose to see me. I’m really goin thru it. Thnks. Jen

  102. shelly permalink

    Should I check my rising sign as well, or do your readings just deal with the sun sign?

  103. Peter permalink

    Hi Marie, I am interested in a one question card reading. the only thing is that I need to make a decision quick. Please feel free to text me or e-mail me. I can paypal you. Thanks. Peter 5107798234 or WOODEAST444@YAHOO.COM

    • You have to pay first and then I’ll confirm your payment and you can send me your question, the paypal button is in the consultation section

      • Peter permalink

        Hi Marie, Im back :). Just made $20 for an email reading please. Im leaving for a business trip for Tucson today from California. Out of three places to stay as a guest, where will I have the most success please? Penny’s, Shannon’s or Alan’s. Thanks much.

  104. Peter permalink

    Got it Marie. I have already answered my own question :P. Thanks.

  105. Irvin permalink

    Hi Marie, so the minimum of the Skype call has to be 10min?
    love your videos btw! 🙂

  106. Tiffany permalink

    Hello marie…Years ago,did you ever work in Memphis Tennessee? Downtown?
    I watch you faithfully and im truly a fan…i need an email reading…if you’re not to busy today or tomorrow?

  107. Kirsty permalink

    Hi I’m looking to get a reading done by you but I live in Scotland so I’m not really sure what to pay… Do I pay 30.00 through paypal or do I convert dollars amount to sterling???? Help 😄

  108. Jessica permalink

    I want to make an appt for a skype reading. I didn’t see an email address.

  109. Roxanne Tyler permalink

    I would like to do an email reading. Please let me know what information you need from me when I go online to pay – thanks!

  110. CuriousFish permalink

    Hi Marie, I love your youtube videos. I’ve never had a reading before. Is the natal chart the best kind of beginner reading you’d recommend?

    • It’s up to the person, I like clairvoyant and tarot card readings, I don’t like astrology readings, so it’s your preference, and also how you feel with the person giving you the reading

  111. Audrey Zitter permalink

    Hi Marie,
    I would like an email reading please. I do understand Pay Pal, but am not sure how to send you my Question.

    Thank you,


  112. DSM permalink

    If any, what is the difference in accuracy with doing an E-mail readings, using the natal chart and the tarot than Oracle Cards E-mail readings, using only the oracle cards

  113. Jessica permalink

    I would like a skype reading

    • Okay I’m available for skype readings tonight at 9pm eastern standard time, my minimum is 10 min, process your card through paypal first and I will verify payment, looking forward to your reading

      • Jessica permalink

        Ok jus saw this jus kidding

  114. Tyisha permalink

    Hi Marie im very intrested in getting a email reading i have one question

  115. Tyisha permalink

    What do i do to get my email reading done? I have a paypal account already

  116. Tyisha permalink

    ok. When i send the payment what is the name im sending it to? Is it mariemoorehorosope?

    • It’s on the paypal,it automatically goes to me when you go to consultation and paypal and put in the amount

  117. Katherine Dunn permalink

    Hi honey. I would like to do a one question email reading. Where can I send my question and Paypal payment to? Thanks 🙂

  118. I absolutley adore you!!! I am going to schedule a phone/skype reading. I was wondering, with those types of readings, if I ask you like one main question, is it cool if I ask like random questions about random astrological aspects that don’t really have to do with my chart. (for example) I was really wondering how mars in libra would affect an aries / libra rising. Would you answer little questions like that during the reading ?

  119. Jessica permalink

    I jus did the pay pal looking forward to the skype reading

  120. Lynnae McClelland permalink

    I am interested in a reading. How do I go about that?

  121. Chris permalink

    Marie you are spot on… Plus you are gorgeous I can’t stop thinking about what you said about how Sagis are if I had to describe myself to someone I would ask them to see your Vids.. Plus your gorgeous … I look forward to your broadcasts every week as you are really on the money plus you are in fact very gorgeous… So thank you so much for the weekly look I to the future it is very accurate I’ve been really in my head a lot lately but I know will all be ok in the end thank you Marie for all that you do you really are a gorgeous person love to you xxx

  122. Tyisha permalink

    Hello Marie. I would like for you to do another email reading for me.

  123. Cindra Bingham permalink

    I would like a one question reading via email . What do I do next?
    Will you respond to my email, located above, and we go from there with payment, reading, etc.?

  124. I would like an Oracle reading, please.
    My bday 09/28/1966

    • It’s just based on the cards not your date birth go ahead and process your card through and will go from there

  125. Sheena Harris permalink

    Can I please have a reAding

  126. angie permalink

    Are you available now to call

  127. Sinty permalink

    Hello Marie,
    Hope you ok?
    I would like to book an oracle card reading,hope we can arrange it asap 🙂

    • When you pay, I’ll send you an email confirming payment and we will go from there thank you

    • I received your payment, and you gave the wrong email address, this is my email please contact me through there so I can have your correct email address

  128. Sheena Harris permalink

    Hey Marie I was wondering if I can heave a reading tonight

  129. Sheena Harris permalink

    Okay I don’t know how to so it I jus sent 20$

  130. Sheena Harris permalink

    Am I surpose to ask 2 questions right

  131. Phuong T Dao permalink

    Hi Marie! I love your reading and would like to have an email reading but don’t know about the process. So I should pay first then email my question to you? Could you please tell me! Thank you so much!

  132. Read the description

  133. Phuong T Dao permalink

    I read it but I’m so confused since this is my first time. If you don’t mind can you give me a quick explanation about the differences between those 2 types of reading? Thanks!

  134. The thirty dollar on is like the ones I do on the youtube I use date of birth, time and place and the tarot cards, now if you ever seen the oracle horoscope on you tube doreen virtue youtube channel thats what an oracle reading is going to look like

  135. Phuong T Dao permalink

    I made a payment! Can I have your email add? Thanks

  136. Check your email

  137. Tiffany permalink

    Are you available today for a telephone reading reading? This evening?

  138. Irene permalink

    hello I sent this morning for an oracle reading with 1 question forgot to put the one question and emailed to you. Did you get it? pls let me know.

  139. Tiffany permalink

    Hello Marie. ..are you available ? I desperately need answers….

  140. M, just wanted to let you know how “spot on” you are on with Virgies this week! And gurl you’ve lost alot of weight…you are looking great. Thanks for the scopes! e

  141. Jasmine permalink

    Do you also do daily horoscopes on YouTube or in general?

  142. joy permalink

    how do i request an email reading and how long does it take for you to email it once you pay? I just watched like a ton of your videos and i think you ROCK~!!!

    • I reply back immediately to confirm payment, and then it normally doesn’t take long but sometimes it does so that varies, but I do same day, so you’ll get back the same say you sent the payment

  143. Hi Marie

    l am Capricorn with moon in Pisces and Virgo rising and going through hell and back think l am having a nervous breakdown. Don’t know what to do for the best! LOTS OF QUESTIONS TO ASK.

    What is the best reading to have?.

  144. margarita permalink

    How do l pay for this?

    thank you

  145. I would like a phone reading.
    Thank you

    • It’s 3.50 per minute I work with block time 10min 35.00, 15 min 52.50 20 min 75.00,30 min 105.00 40min 140 50min 175.00 60 min 210.00. Pay first and my next availability is at 9pm est time tonight,prior to the reading I do require your date of birth, time and place because I use both the natal chart, and tarot
      Thank you,

  146. Donna Garcia permalink

    Do you recommend that I watch and listen to Sun sign and Rising sign? Thank you and you ROCK!!!!

  147. Rene Lopez permalink

    Hello Marie, have you confirmed my payment yet?

  148. Check out my consultation pay first and will go from there looking forward to your reading

  149. Pay first and will go from there, looking forward to your reading visit the consultation page to use my paypal,thankyou

  150. swilliams permalink

    Hi marie I paid on pay pal already would love a phone interview Thanks

  151. Tanya permalink

    Hi Marie,
    Hope all is well. I would love to have an email reading pertaining my love life from you. If possible please send me an email..

    Hope to hear from you soon


  152. angela permalink

    is it really 20 dollars for one question? bye the way Capricorns are the best lol. you do a great job:)

  153. Dioumy Wilson permalink

    I would like a reading over the phone please.

  154. sandra williams permalink

    Love ur observation, spot on

  155. Hi Marie, I would love for you to send me the Roshashana info you mentioned in Oct 6th forecast. I don’t want to make my address public and would like to email my address to you. Thank you, Elle

    • you can go on to consultation to my wordpress and click the link to my website go to submissions, also you can go to youtube channel pm, or my facebook and pm

  156. Hi Marie, I went to wordpress and am now following you, so hopefully I will get the Kabala prayer book. Thank you again, L

    • you can go on to consultation to my wordpress and click the link to my website go to submissions, also you can go to youtube channel pm, or my facebook and pm

  157. Vanessa Britter permalink

    Good morning Marie,
    I would be most grateful if you could make a reading.I was born on 4th July 1976….
    I follow you every week and it help me a lot…you are so right but specially funny.
    Thanks very much

  158. lakshmisailaja permalink

    hey moore….I do have a question …how can I proceed ? pls explain dear

  159. melissa permalink

    i am wanting to ask a question i paid through pay pal already

  160. Hi Marie, Im a Pisces as well and Ive been listening to you for over a year now, faithfully!! I Love your readings and the way you present the information is perfect. Love the honesty and your always dead on, and I’ve even got several friends of mine to listen to you and they love you too! Just wanted to say thanks.

  161. Natalie permalink

    Please can a book a reading.

  162. evening Marie , iv just subscribed to your monthly and weekly readings and find them to inspirational calming yet fun to watch ! Spot on describing a scorpion woman , that is me of course 😀
    Id like to know how much is it in English currency for email readings please , I’m not like everyone else living near by , I’m in the UK England .
    I would love a reading and can pay via PayPal but don’t know the English currency thankyou. Keep smiling Hun you’ve a beautiful smile ignore them that dis you , their jealous of something so natural and gifted talent you have !! Love & light Sue xxx

  163. Lisa Cox permalink

    Hi Marie,
    I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love watching your YouTube videos. I love your style and can’t wait to see them each week. I am an Aries sun, cancer rising btw and think that we would get along great:)
    I watched your video on what you think about each sign. Keep up the great work!

  164. Shinah permalink

    I would like a reading

  165. Angela Salazar permalink

    I just want to thank you and you have help me break soul ties that I had with my ex husband who is an Aquarius everything every single word you said of what do I think of an Aquarius that’s my ex-husband Rudy I was laughing I was shocked and I was like wow she knows him you know him better than me and by the time this was over your video I feel different you opened up my eyes and you allow me to see never to trust never to be around him with him or beside him ha ha ha ha just let him go he’s no good for me Thank you thank you thank you thank you Every time I feel lonely or wish boo-hoo Hoo me I’m going to listen I’m going to watch this video take care

  166. Hey you 😀

    It’s Nada from Kuwait. I just realized after watching your Aries video on YouTube that you’re a Capricorn rising too 😀 What’s your moon?

  167. Mobounce permalink

    Hi Maria
    I am a Gemini 6/11/65 and been seeing an Aquarius 1/28/71.
    Our relationship was passionate than no calls no text…nothing. He’s been going thru a lot with family issues too.
    But we got along great, laughing I felt as if he was falling for me that disappeared…ghost. He calls once.
    What’s going on!!!
    How does he feel about me? Will he come back? Are we thru? Does he not want to hurt my feels so he just went ghost?
    Please help me understand this complicated man.


    • You can visit my store for a reading Thank you Marie . I’m not available tonight for readings but would be more than happy to give you one tomorrow Thank you Marie

  168. Yen permalink

    How to pay for a reading?

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