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This is horoscope blog,  and a spiritual blog, hope everyone enjoys them

  1. courtney permalink

    Where’s Libra? I so enjoy your scopes!!! 🙂

    • its up thank you

      • loretta permalink

        I look forward to your videos especially me being a leo.. u always make me laugh with the lion growl

      • Loretta permalink

        I am a Leo and I cant find a job no where, and I look non stop, the phone just dont ring anymore… dont know if its a leo thing or I am just not having luck period… I miss your weekly predictions and I cant afford to pay at the moment..Thank you for all those weeks I did get…

      • SRC permalink

        Hi Marie,

        I enjoy your videos. I have requested for 1 question email reading through paypal. I have emailed you my question. Cant wait to hear from you. My email is:

      • Sohini Roy Chowdhury permalink

        Hi Marie,

        Congratulations on your baby 🙂 Please let us know when you would do the 2 questions for 20 again. Waiting for that 🙂

      • I’ll annouce it on one of my videos possibly soon don’t know yet, I had fun doing them

  2. Michelle permalink

    Will you be posting Aries September 17 weekly horoscope….. i apologize. If its there but im not seeing it

    • no, I do have aries video but it’s 5.95 per month due to all the dislikes and critiscm I’ve decided to stop posting them for free for a while til then I’m charging, because it’s something free that I do , and everyone wants to beat on me about it sorry for the inconvience

  3. Michelle permalink

    Im so sorry to hear that ….i enjoy all of videos and look forward to seeing them !!

  4. Lily permalink

    A true piscean! I love it!…. (I hope I am right that you are a pisces too Ms. Moore)….the older we get, the less “mean behavior/crap” we take from people. What I mean by “older” is that we can be a bit soft in our younger years, but with life experience we get wiser, tougher and stronger in a good way. I love it! I like your style.

  5. I’m also a Pisces and also enjoy watching your vids Marie. Plus I think you have sexy features! 😉

  6. nad permalink

    Hi i am a capricorn january 10, you are great and spot on, just before new year learned that my ex aqua is having a baby………what a blow…..but for the best now x

  7. Monica permalink

    Ms. Moore is just awesome. She is such a riot. I love it when she calls us her gemeeeesss 🙂

  8. Greg Daugherty permalink

    I have the sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Pisces, with Libra moon, Saturn, Neptune and ascendant, so I am checking both reports, where your accuracy and intuitive insight is exciting! And I love the excellent Tarot wisdom that you bring into the mix! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful blessings of love and light!!!

  9. morgan permalink

    Best wishes to you and the whole family on the arrival of Benjamin!
    Good news indeed !

  10. Thanks again Marie for providing Monthly Horoscopes for my website. -V.S. Atbay-

  11. Awesome and my pleasure…

    And funny you say that – I just shared the page on my f.b fan page too, literally just a few seconds ago. Great minds think alike. 😉

    Thanks Marie.

  12. My pleasure!

  13. Eyvonne permalink

    Hi Marie,

    I issued a payment for 2 questions however I no idea what your email address to send the questions? Regards, Eyvonne Therrien

  14. Moipone permalink

    I just discovered you today. You are awesome Marie, thank you for the great videos! Much love from SA,Jo’burg

  15. Sebastian Kardam permalink

    Hi Marie,

    Like a year reading, been thinking of getting one of these from you for a long time, finally like one.

    Let me know what you need? and how do I transfer the $175 too you?

    Me email is


  16. Sebastian Kardam permalink

    Seb /UK

    • I need your date of birth, time and place. The time of birth is very important also these our personal horoscope not email readings, and you pay through the paypal. On my consultation page

  17. There is a problem with my paypal. Changed passwords and have messed it up somehow. Do u accept mastercard or visa?

    • Sorry just paypal, you can go through the first page of paypal and go through as a known member just go to bills and Paybill to sender

  18. Kellie Borriello permalink

    I really enjoy reading your horoscopes Marie.Thank you for taking the time to do them. Must be hard to find the time with a little baby to take care of. Many Blessings to you and your family ~ Kellie

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