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March 15, 2018

Your communications skills are very powerful, you have an easy time convincing people to jump on team RAMS. This can be a great time for job interviews, or even for sales. This can see your goals or visions realized or this can be starting new projects. You need to keep your feet planted because your not out of the woods yet

You can have a better understanding of certain relationships, or you can be making a deeper connection with certain people in your life. This can also be sparks of miracles happening, or this can be you feeling more active and getting things done, or starting new routines or accomplishing your goals

You can be more about your social life, or this can be at the right place the right time with new opportunities or good news with career. Your communications skills are very strong so this is a great energy for those of you who are networking, sells, or dealing with the social media. This is a time of moving forward. Or you can be more about your social life.

Good news in regards to career, or you are more ambitious when it comes to career growth. Speaking to those who can help you grow. This is also starting new projects or you can be coming with allot of creative ideas. You help motivate others, and put the fire under their butt to succeed.

♌ #LEO
You partner can be going out of their way for you , or this can be new love coming in hot and heavy, or this can be reconnecting with an ex. You have a better understanding or a better perspective about certain situations, or you have a better understanding of yourself. You make a great counselor and help others to heal certain past hurts

This can be cleaning up your debt or endings coming up but in your favor. You have a better understanding about certain people in your life , or this can be a better understanding on how certain systems work, or what people want. Try to bend like the palm tree you are because you might not be willing to listen to someone at this time, or you don’t want to change certain things

This is change happening. You may have to be careful with the conversations that you have with others, or you may not be able to take criticism, or certain people can be hurtful. Who ever has to leave your life let them leave your life. Try to stay out of the gossip today

This is a great time for growth with career, you can receive the recognition you deserve or wanted from others, or your peers. You can be that go to person that everyone goes too for the answers. You may know or have a better understanding how certain things work, and you have to show everyone how it works, or help others with a school problem.

You can be idealistic in your way of thinking and no follow through. You may have to keep your feet planted as others are saying all the right things, remember talk is cheap be about the action. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. This can be starting over in certain areas of your life.

This can be a fun energy time going out with your friends, or being spontaneous when it comes to love. This can be reconnecting with old friends or old flames. You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off, because you might say something offensive or not the best day for posting opinions on the comment bar

You can be going out of your way for family. This can be a fun time with love relationship and have a bit adventure with your significant other. You may have to give up something or you may have to do more in order to get what you want. Try to be more adaptable to others or to a situation

You can be very creative and inspire or empower others to make changes in their life, or even follow in your footsteps. A great time for communicating your needs, or a popular energy time for you . This can be growth with career, or this is a popular energy time with the social media. You benefit through the men in your life


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