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April 18, 2018

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This can be a busy time for business to pick up, or you can be super focus with work. This can be good news or getting your way with certain things. You need to keep it honest today, or this can be someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, so buyer beware

This can be truth being revealed, or knowledge is power. This can be good news or a positive time for those of you in the social media or media. Doors are beginning to open for you. You can feel more organized or on top of things, or you can have a bit more peace of mind

Be about facts you can be jumping into conclusions. Try not to get caught in the gossip because it can be all talk or certain people putting you in crisis mode when there is no crisis. Try not to get talked into things you don’t want to do . You can be in a better mindset or certain things are going your way , you can have peace of mind

You are more open and honest about your communication, you say whats on your mind and things tend to get resolve. This is a great time to get your creative juice going, you can be updating your website, creating a website, or you can be coming with money making ideas.This is a great time for the law of attraction, power of prayer , or for thoughts to become things

♌ #LEO
Watch your emotional self, because you can be going through upsetting situations with home or this can be with family. During in these times of crisis or people getting us upset we have this opportunity to turn things around, or allow the universe to show us what we need to change about ourselves. For others of this can be changes happening with career

This can be unexpected event happening in your life. You can be receiving news about someone in your life. You may have to learn to create personal boundaries with others. You may have to be open and honest with your communication or talk about your feelings, which I know allot of you don’t like to do but the people in your life can’t read your mind

Change is happening. Watch your emotional life, and try to be more in your present. You can be receiving troubling news, or this can be watching something on the news, and allowing it to get the best of you. This can be a time when you need to conquer yourself, and face your fears, and not be so concern with how others think of you

You can be starting over in certain areas of your life. Or you can be rehashing the past in your mind , stay out of your head today. You tend to over thinking things and allow your emotional self to get the best of you. Also don’t go assuming, you think you know but you dont

This can be a confusing time and it’s hard to make sense of things. If this has nothing to do with you, it’s best to stay out of it. Beaware of scams, or family putting you in crisis when there is none. Try to be more about facts and don’t allow others to work you up. Make sure to get receipts , show me should be your motto

You can be bored or over certain situations or relationships in your life. I feel that this can be your values are changing and something you once wanted you no longer want. For others of you, you have lessons with learning to accept your situation and make the best of it, so the choice is yours. I see change happening today

You need to watch your emotional life, you can be clumsy or a bit accident prone. Thoughts of past are coming up and want to be acknowledge because you need to let go . You can’t take criticism, or you can feel like others are attacking you. Try to change that perspective because this is just people trying to help, or it can be you stepping on toes.

Little things that other people do tend to annoy, allow others to do what they are going to do, and don’t allow them to mess your energy. You can be bored in love relationship, you need to communicate your needs to your partner, or you need to learn to be more present in your present. Sometimes fishies need to learn to be more present and make emotional connections with others


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