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August 16, 2019



You can be more about a friend or family member who is going through a loss or separation at this time. Or you may have warned specific people in your life, but they didn’t heed your advice. Now you can find them sobbing to you on the phone. At this time you are listening, but at the same time, you are staying out of it. Because you know this person doesn’t want to listen to you. You can receive good news via email that specific people want to collaborate with or bigger business wants you to be their brand ambassador today. You benefit through those who you worked within the past. Or you can be revisiting old projects that you did with others in the past and working with them again.

You can feel grounded today and have insight on your journey. You can be trusting your intuition and starting new creative projects. Others may not like your opinion or the unsolicited advice that you have to give them. Before giving them advice, make sure to say, can I give you some advice. You need to learn today to be consistent and not go back on your word and learn to keep it moving forward. Because you can be breaking your own promises that you made to someone about change. You can be going backwards today.

You have an easier time finding loopholes, or you can be taking advantage of certain situations. Like if the manager is doing the schedule this week putting in your hours. Or you can be buttering up mom or dad for something that you want. You can see bigger picture, and you can predict where certain trends are going. Or calling certain situations as you seem them, and making some predictions today. For others of you, this can be a move happening today, or this can be traveling happening or making plans to go today. OR the focus can be more towards the home and entertaining people at the house.

This is a fun time to be hanging out with friends or doing something fun with the family. For others of you, you can be starting new creative projects. This project can be about the darker side of human nature. You can be asking people for support or if they have your back, but you are not saying why. I feel when the time comes, you may explain yourself. You can be making an accusation or confronting specific people in your life. On things, they’ve done to you in the past. Not the best time to voice your opinion or say something because you may not be on speaking terms with certain people. Or not the best day for posting your feelings on social media. You want to go deep and emotional probing with someone while they instead want to move on from the situation.

♌ #LEO
You can be creative and provocative in your way of thinking, or you’re not scared to speak your mind and get confrontational with others. Or call them out and what they are doing wrong. Must we make a scene in public today, yes!! You can be impatient with others and doing getting things done on your own today. You can be making plans to travel, or you can be taking some short trips to visit family members.

You have a curiosity for spiritual knowledge, or you can be interested in different cultures. You can feel grounded with this energy, and not sweat specific obstacles going on in your life. You are about the bigger picture, so you are willing to make sacrifices for your goals or wishes today. You can see the pros and cons of a situation. But you still want to give specific opportunities the benefit of the doubt. This is an excellent time for those of you in the entertainment field today.

You can be over certain situations, or you can turn off by your partner, or what your partner is or is not doing today. Careful with this energy, especially with love, because this can be whoever needs to leave your life, let them leave your life. You can be a perfectionist when it comes to certain things, or you can be a stickler for the rules. Try to go with the flow, and allow others to break the rules today. And allow yourself to be more in the moment and enjoy your day rather than having everything to be perfect.

For some of you, you can be more of a romantic about life. For some of you, you can find a potential new love interest or see yourself talking about that one new particular person today. Could it be love, maybe? Or you can have a perfect day at work. Love how specfic people that you work with come through for you, or how it’s more like a family, and you guys have each other back. You can feel like your partner, or someone in your life is blocking your need to grow as a person. OR you can feel like they are holding you back from you doing what you want to do. This can also be a lack of communication happening.

You can be determined to get your way or once you made up your mind, thats it. You can be volunteering your time and energy to social causes. You can be fighting certain injustices happening in your community. Or you can be standing up for the underdog in your life, and fighting their battles. You can feel productive with this energy, and you can have your whole day planned out. You love being in a routine. You can be very strategic in your planning and patient. Or you can be quietly working on specific projects and wait for the perfect opportunity to release them.

Expect delays or obstacles today while traveling. You can find other people asking you for money today. Or specific people in your life can put you on the spot when it comes to helping you out others. Instead of privately asking you first, if you would be able to help out so and so. Or this can be dealing with your partner’s bills or your kids’ bills at this time. Can cause you to feel some kind of way. You can be stuck in your way of thinking today, and you are not ready to change certain areas of your life.

You can be trying to stay out of other people’s drama because you know they are just emotionally dumping on you. Don’t make promises you aren’t willing to keep or tell other people what they want to hear. Don’t give other people false hope today. Especially when it comes to love because you can be more in the moment. New ideas coming in will challenge your old way of doing things. You can even feel like your stomach is turning when thinking about it. Get ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You may need to get a second opinion today, or you need to make better judgment calls when it comes to important decisions. Be about the bigger picture. You can be wanting to spend your money, but you know that you are saving your money. But on the other hand, YOLO. Is the five minutes of fulfillment worth all that you ‘ve been working towards, just saying. Expect the unexpected today. You may not be to thrilled by certain people or situations. Or you can find that certain people in your life. Who you thought they knew you really don’t know you. Can put you in situations that you don’t want to be in or expect you to be on because you are on with them.


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